[Diggers350] ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt Reports On Chronic UK Housing Destitution

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I am sure most will be happy to hear, so that they can use this to justify
razing those towers and estates off the face of Earth and built some
“affordable” bright warm spacious luxury energoefficient palaces instead.




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ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt Reports On Chronic UK Housing


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Investigation launched into ‘disgusting’ damp and mouldy council housing
after ITV News report


he Housing Ombudsman has launched an investigation into “disgusting” social
housing conditions after ITV News reports revealed damp and mould was
widespread throughout the UK.

Following an initial report on “unliveable” conditions in a number of homes
in the London borough of Croydon, ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel
Hewitt <https://twitter.com/DanielHewittITV>  was “inundated” with “hundreds
and hundreds” of examples.

ITV News investigations have found there is a “growing problem with severe
mould and damp” throughout the UK, with councils often not dealing with
residents’ complaints.

Richard Blakeway, Housing Ombudsman, said mould and damp in someone’s home
can have a “significant” impact on their health and their life chances.

*	Housing scandal: ITV News uncovers widespread problems with leaks,
damp and mould in tower blocks across UK
‘The worst I’ve ever seen’: The appalling and ‘unliveable’ council housing
conditions some have endured during lockdown 

He said he’s also “concerned that we are not seeing cases where we could
help, and want to investigate further into this issue”.

He said he wants to use new powers to look “in-depth at the response of
social landlords to damp and mould issues”.

“I want us to make far-reaching recommendations to promote greater
understanding and learning, helping landlords develop their approach to the
benefit of residents.”

An initial review of case data found there had been a “high rate” of
“maladministration” on cases that feature damp and mould over the last two

It said the fact that £68,000 in compensation had been ordered in same
period showed “significant impact on residents in some cases”.

We’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of examples’: Daniel Hewitt on the widening
housing crisis:

Following the ITV News report in Croydon
, the local council issued an apology and took strides toward addressing the
issue, with one resident being rehomed.

Public reaction to the report was huge, with social media users labelling
the conditions uncovered as “disgusting”, “horrible”, “heartbreaking”, and

The Ombudsman wants to publish the findings of its investigation by autumn,
and aims to “make far-reaching recommendations that promote greater
understanding of the complexity of tackling damp and mould and share best
practice across the sector”.

But those with private landlords will not have their concerns addressed as
the Ombudsman investigation will only look at council housing and housing

Citizens Advice, which has received 49% more complaints this year about
unacceptable living conditions, says the Ombudsman investigation should look
at all housing.


part-of-wider-systemic-problem-council-leader-says> ‘Unliveable’ housing
conditions could be part of ‘wider systemic problem’, council leader says
*	What should you do if your landlord does not repair your home?

Katie Martin, director of external affairs at Citizens Advice said the
problem is a “real imbalance of power” between tenants and landlords.

Speaking to ITV News she said: “Landlord are still able to evict a tenant
for no reason whatsoever.

“So many people live in fear, that if they make complaints, if they cause
problems for their landlords by insisting that they get repairs done,
they’re going to get evicted and all too often that happens.”

The Housing Ombudsman has issued a call for evidence to tenants and
landlords, asking them to provide information to the information.

People wishing to submit evidence can do so here
-into-damp-and-mould/> .

Submit evidence here


-flat-in-croydon-moves-into-new-home> ‘I actually can’t believe it’: Mum who
lived in mould-infested council flat moves into new home
*	Robert Jenrick
‘disgusted’ by images from ITV News council housing report but adds ‘it’s
not emblematic of wider sector’ 


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