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and discussing last weekend's sucessful mass 
trespass on the Brighton Downs with Who Owns 
England Trespass and several other contact points 
for those engaged in that campaign if you'd like to keep up with them...
Some interesting stuff from China on the failing 
EPR design and from Glastonbury-based Sandi Adams 
on what she believes was the deliberate flooding 
of the Somerset Levels in 2014 too...
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– Landscapes Of Freedom: 300+ Join Mass Trespass 
At Pangdean Bottom, Brighton Downs, Sussex
– Somerset Levels 2014 Floods ‘Deliberate’ To 
Drive People Out For Twisted ‘Rewilding’ Programme?
– Taishan Reactor Shut Down In China, Is The EPR 
Design A Sophisticated Economic Sabotage?
– New Russian Su-25 Fighter 'Checkmate' Costs 10% Of NATO's F-35
– Lawyer Anna De Buisseret Serves Covid 
Vaccinators With Notice Of Criminal Liability
– Julian Assange In 2011 Speech Explains That 
Many Journalists Are Also War Criminals, Peddling Lies To Justify Wars
– Newly Formed Group Of Journalists, Holding The 
Line, Journalists Against Covid Censorship
– NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Bitchutes: Anna de Buisseret 
https://www.bitchute.com/video/AYvCetnuH5aG/ full 
show https://www.bitchute.com/video/4CbmR0I3QJXN/

30th July 2021 mp3 [right click to download]

Part One – News Review and Investigative Reports


‘Landscapes of Freedom’ protest on The Downs, 
Sussex, about freedom to roam.  Dave Bangs 
discusses the protest.  Guy Shrubsole, author of 
‘Who Owns England’, gives a speech.  Those who 
trespass against us 
<https://landscapesoffreedom.com/>“A place of 
Linnet and Song Thrush, Hare and Buzzard, Glow 
Worm and Chalkhill Blue, spangled with the yellow 
stars of Rockrose, Hawkbit, and Eggs-and-Bacon 
with Dropwort, Milkwort and Scabious, and the 
scarce fungi of archaic pastures.” At the end of 
the day they re-grouped in dribs and drabs at the 
same place in glorious sunshine, tired-er, 
hotter, happier and invigorated by what had 
happened in between times. Setting off the 
trespassers wound their way up the valley 
following chalk paths out into the inescapable 
beauty of the South Downs. The end point was to 
be steep, pristine, unimproved chalk grasslands 
of Pangdean Bottom, close to wooded, pheasant 
enclosures. And here lies the rub. The tenant 
farmers of the Brighton and Hove City 
Council-owned land use it for livestock farming 
but also lucrative, pheasant shoots and in so 
doing keep the public off as much of the land as is humanly possible.


Sandi Adams on how she thinks the Somerset Levels 
were deliberately flooded as part of Agenda 21 
and Agenda 2030 to make way for wildlife in a 
twisted ‘rewilding’ programme and encourage 
people to move away.  What’s happened with The 
Great Reset? 
Adams: – How the floods in Somerset put Agenda 21 
on her radar. The history of Agenda 21 and 
Maurice Strong, and how it ties into the climate 
change scandal. Event 201 and Rockefeller’s 2010 
scenarios that foreshadowed the current events 
today. The Paris Accord- How the exclusion of 
India and China contradicts the entire climate 
change argument. The origins of the term 
“conspiracy theory” from the CIA. The globalists’ 
horrific vision of the future of farming, and how 
they plan to round people up from the countryside 
and move them into the nightmarish smart grid 
cities. Writes Christopher 
devastating evidence has now come to light not 
just that the floods covering 65 square miles of 
the Somerset Levels could have been prevented; 
they were deliberately engineered by the Labour 
Government in 2009, knowingly regardless of the 
property and human rights of the thousands of 
people whose homes and livelihoods would be 
affected. By 2005, EU policy was spelled out in 
on Water Level Management Plans for European 
Sites, stressing the need to upgrade 95 percent 
of SSSIs (part of the Natura 2000 network) to 
“favourable condition” by 2010. In pursuit of 
this, on 21 January 2005, under the heading 
“Saving wetland habitats: more money for key 
sites”, Elliot Morley had announced 
policy decision, directing that, in order to 
comply with the Habitats Directive, flooding in 
Somerset should be artificially promoted because, 
as he declared, “wildlife will benefit from 
increased water levels” Co-opted into this scheme 
were the 13 Somerset 
Drainage Boards (IDBs), ancient authorities 
responsible for keeping the Levels and the Moors 
to be suborned into reversing the process and flooding them.


the IDBs were to be bribed with 2.3 million a 
year of taxpayers’s money, to let the water in. 
In Somerset, there was to be even more. That 
year, though, an 
evaluation of the Parrett Catchment Project 
warned that it was 
not completely clear” how much a deliberate 
increase in flooding would breach “the property 
rights and Human Rights” of all those whose homes 
and businesses would be damaged. Events were now 
moving in Brussels, with the emergence of a 
specific EU directive on flood policy. This was 
October 2007 on the assessment and management of 
flood risks, the so-called “Floods 
Directive”.Recital 14 spelled out the requirement 
that flood risk management plans should focus on 
prevention, protection and preparedness. But, 
“with a view to giving rivers more space”, 
planners were required to “consider where 
possible the maintenance and/or restoration of 
floodplains”, as well as “measures to prevent and 
reduce damage to human health, the environment, 
cultural heritage and economic activity”. 
Restoration – i.e., flooding – of drained 
wetlands was now an EU policy objective.

An extreme close up of a drop of oil creating 
ripples on an isolated black background

Col. Fletcher Prouty, ex CIA and author of ‘The 
Secret Team’, on the conspiracies behind the term 
‘fossil fuel’ and questioning whether oil is 
really made from old trees crushed deep under the 
ground. <http://www.prouty.org/oil.html>An 
intriguing theory now permeating oil company 
research staffs suggests that crude oil may 
actually be a natural inorganic product, not a 
stepchild of unfathomable time and organic 
degradation. The theory suggests there may be 
huge, yet-to-be-discovered reserves of oil at 
depths that dwarf current world estimates. The 
theory is simple: Crude oil forms as a natural 
inorganic process which occurs between the mantle 
and the crust, somewhere between 5 and 20 miles 
deep. The proposed mechanism 
<http://www.prouty.org/oil.html>is as follows: 
Methane (CH4) is a common molecule found in 
quantity throughout our solar system – huge 
concentrations exist at great depth in the Earth. 
At the mantle-crust interface, roughly 20,000 
feet beneath the surface, rapidly rising streams 
of compressed methane-based gasses hit pockets of 
high temperature causing the condensation of 
heavier hydrocarbons. The product of this 
condensation is commonly known as crude oil. Some 
compressed methane-based gasses migrate into 
pockets and reservoirs we extract as “natural 
gas.” In the geologically “cooler,” more 
tectonically stable regions around the globe, the 
crude oil pools into reservoirs. In the “hotter,” 
more volcanic and tectonically active areas, the 
oil and natural gas continue to condense and 
eventually to oxidize, producing carbon dioxide 
and steam, which exits from active volcanoes. 
Periodically, depending on variations of geology 
and Earth movement, oil seeps to the surface in 
quantity, creating the vast oil-sand deposits of 
Canada and Venezuela, or the continual seeps 
found beneath the Gulf of Mexico and Uzbekistan. 
Periodically, depending on variations of geology, 
the vast, deep pools of oil break free and 
replenish existing known reserves of oil.There 
are a number of observations across the 
oil-producing regions of the globe that support 
this theory, and the list of proponents begins 
with Mendelev (who created the periodic table of 
elements) and includes Dr.Thomas Gold (founding 
director of Cornell University Center for 
Radiophysics and Space Research) and Dr. J.F. 
Kenney of Gas Resources Corporations, Houston, 
Texas. In his 1999 book, “The Deep Hot 
Biosphere,” Dr. Gold presents compelling evidence 
for inorganic oil formation. He notes that 
geologic structures where oil is found all 
correspond to “deep earth” formations, not the 
haphazard depositions we find with sedimentary 
rock, associated fossils or even current surface 
life. He also notes that oil extracted from 
varying depths from the same oil field have the 
same chemistry – oil chemistry does not vary as 
fossils vary with increasing depth. Also 
interesting is the fact that oil is found in huge 
quantities among geographic formations where 
assays of prehistoric life are not sufficient to 
produce the existing reservoirs of oil. Where 
then did it come from? Another interesting fact 
is that every oil field throughout the world has 
outgassing helium. Helium is so often present in 
oil fields that helium detectors are used as 
oil-prospecting tools. Helium is an inert gas 
known to be a fundamental product of the 
radiological decay or uranium and thorium, 
identified in quantity at great depths below the 
surface of the earth, 200 and more miles below. 
It is not found in meaningful quantities in areas 
that are not producing methane, oil or natural 
gas. It is not a member of the dozen or so common 
elements associated with life. It is found 
throughout the solar system as a thoroughly 
inorganic product. Even more intriguing is 
evidence that several oil reservoirs around the 
globe are refilling themselves, such as the 
Eugene Island reservoir – not from the sides, as 
would be expected from cocurrent organic reservoirs, but from the bottom up.

Col. Prouty spent 9 of his 23 year military 
career in the Pentagon (1955-1964): 
years with the Secretary of Defense, 2 years with 
the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and 5 years with 
Headquarters, U.S. Air Force. In 1955 he was 
appointed the first “Focal Point” officer between 
the CIA and the Air Force for Clandestine 
Operations per National Security Council 
Directive 5412. He was Briefing Officer for the 
Secretary of Defense (1960-1961), and for the 
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. –


MUCH – Hashim Abedi, brother of Manchester 
Bomber, wrongfully imprisoned for 55 years has 
been talking too much about his innocence and the 
corruption of the pro-Israel Islamaphobic British 
Establishment, refuses anti terrorist training in 
services involvement with Manchester bombings. 
Manchester Arena attack plotter refusing attempts 
to be deradicalised in prison – ITV News 
understands Hashem Abedi is refusing to 
participate in a deradicialisation programme and 
is being held in a Separation Centre away from 
other inmates. Manchester attack plotter Hashem 
Abedi refusing to participate in prison 
deradicalisation programme – 
up behind high walls of concrete, barbed wire and 
steel gates at HMP Frankland near Durham and HMP 
Full Sutton near York lie the men responsible for 
some of the most hideous crimes in modern British 
history.Abedi is housed alongside the country’s 
most notorious terrorists, including Thomas Mair, 
murderer of MP Jo Cox, and the Parsons Green 
bomber Ahmed Hassan. Soham murderer Ian Huntley, 
Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield and until 
his recent death the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter 
Sutcliffe are the infamous names we understand are housed at the two prisons.


British accounting watchdog says KPMG continues 
with inaccurate auditing – Britain’s accounting 
watchdog blasts KPMG for ‘unacceptable’ bank 
audits for a third year in a row – . 
Financial Reporting Council (FRC) said 
performance at the Big Four bean-counter had not 
improved and that it would now be ‘closely 
monitoring’ the firm. KPMG was singled out for 
criticism in the FRC’s annual audit quality 
inspection, which also reviewed Big Four rivals 
Deloitte, EY and PwC as well as smaller firms 
Mazars, Grant Thornton and BDO. The report said: 
‘Inspection results at KPMG did not improve and 
it is unacceptable that, for the third year 
running, the FRC found improvements were required 
to KPMG’s audits of banks and similar entities. 
The FRC will be closely monitoring KPMG’s actions 
to ensure findings are addressed in a timely manner.’


China’s Taishan Nuclear Reactor is shut down over 
safety concerns – the same type of reactor as 
Hinkley C China nuclear reactor shut down for 
maintenance after damage – A reactor at a nuclear 
plant in southern China has been shut down 
because it is damaged, the operator said Friday, 
but it insisted there were no major safety 
authorities last month blamed minor fuel rod 
damage for a build-up of radioactive gases at the 
Taishan plant in Guangdong province, describing 
it as a “common phenomenon” with no need for 
concern. French nuclear firm Framatome, which 
helps operate the plant, last month reported a 
“performance issue” which caused the US 
government to look into the possibility of a 
leak. “After lengthy conversations between French 
and Chinese technical personnel, Taishan Nuclear 
Power Plant
 decided to shut down Unit 1 for 
maintenance,” China General Nuclear Power Group 
(CGN) said Friday in an online statement. The 
company added that “a small amount of fuel 
damage” had occurred. CGN said both reactors at 
the plant have “maintained safe and stable 
operations throughout” and that the faulty unit 
is “completely under control”. Engineers will now 
“find the cause of fuel damage and replace the 
damaged fuel”, the statement added. There are 
more than 60,000 fuel rods in the reactor and the 
proportion of damaged rods is “less than 0.01 
percent”, China’s environment ministry and 
nuclear regulator previously said. They called 
the damage “inevitable” due to factors including 
fuel manufacturing and transportation. French 
energy giant EDF ­ the majority owner of 
Framatome ­ also previously blamed the build-up 
of radioactive gases on deteriorating coating on some uranium fuel rods.

Not enough funding for SEND special educational 
needs kids. 
will our children get justice?’ Cllr Bailes told 
the meeting that the perpetrators of abuse in 
care homes were sent to prison, and claimed the 
same thing was happening in schools without 
“That’s happening in our schools, under our 
noses,” she said. “When are our children going to 
get justice?” Neither of the senior officers 
present at the meeting said they could discuss 
the details of the allegations at that time, but 
education director Alison Hurley offered to speak 
to Cllr Bailes about the “potentially very 
serious” safeguarding issues she had raised.

Cliff Hanley dies, 
and anti-war activist, after being severely 
disabled by thugs in Bristol – 
everyone. This will be the last message on 
Clifford’s FB page. Clifford died this morning in 
hospital. He had been diagnosed with pneumonia 
last week but failed to respond to treatment. In 
accordance with his wishes treatment was 
withdrawn and he was kept comfortable and pain free.
Jane Hanley & Jo Burley (sisters) – Judith Brown 
explains what happened to him and gives a tribute.

Complete Show where you can also comment

Part Two – Covid-19 Scamdemic Casedemic latest and investigations


Where is Patrick Cyrus – Cyrus the Virus? 
anyone know how or where Pat is? Not seen hide 
nor heel of him for a couple of years now. Tried 
calling. Nothing. His family are concerned too. 
Show – Tall Ritchie in the studio – Exclusive 
knowledge is the way forward its Typical Topical 
Afrotropical Posted by The Typical Topical 
Afrotropical Show 
demonic force at play and what they dont you all 
to really know about it will be disscussed on 
this highly popular bcfm radio show with a new co 
presenter this season and myself CYRUS DA VIRUS 
there can only be 1. After editing out the most 
controversial bits the show will be aired tonight 
at 10pm only on BCfm 93.2 Or just listen to the 
podcast right here on the player below.


Nuclear talks between Russia and US in Geneva – 
George Szamuely, Senior Research Fellow of Global 
Policy Institute, discusses this.  UNZ Review – 
The Saker – Putin interview – Russia’s truly 
past week has been quite intense in Russia – lots 
of interesting developments took place, and today 
I will mention three: Putin wrote a very 
interesting essay on the history of Russia and 
the Ukraine, which he followed up with a very 
interesting interview. Russia just concluded 
final tests for truly formidable weapons systems 
like the S-500 and the Mach 8 hypersonic missile 
Zircon. In its yearly aviation salon MAKS, Russia 
has just presented a 5th generation, single 
engine light multi-functional fighter the Su-75 
“Checkmate” These are all truly huge developments 
for Russia which we need to look into separately. 
Putin’s history of Russia and the Ukraine First, 
I highly recommend that you take the time to read 
the full article here and the full interview here 
(there is no point for me to use the space here 
to pepper you with excerpts), especially if you 
are not well-acquainted with Russian history or 
live in Zone A. Furthermore, being the “Putin 
groupie and fanboy” which I so-notoriously am 
(guilty as charged!), I won’t surprise anybody by 
saying that I agree with almost every word Putin 
wrote or spoke. And, frankly, all the facts Putin 
lists are really common knowledge for most people 
(unless they have been brainwashed by US/Ukronazi 
propaganda) and there is really no point for me 
to repeat “yes, this is true” and “yes, he is right” over and over again.

Iran and US talks lead to more sanctions on Iran. 
Hilton’s ‘Next Revolution’ on Fox TV 
Gain of Function research in Wuhan Lab approved by Fauci.

Anna de Buisseret, lawyer and former army 
officer, on 
of Function research and bio-warfare, and 
illegality of Covid vaccines.  Kate Shemirani, 
former nurse, giving a speech at ‘The Freedom 
Rally’ in London.  BBC Today programme – BBC 
Disinformation Reporter and Kate Shemirani’s son 
on Kate’s controversial comments at rally that 
caused an outrage.  Anna de Buisseret from The 
Informed Consent Alliance on the Nuremberg Trials 
and Nazi medical experimentation on people – and 
similarities to Covid vaccines.  Anna de 
Buisseret – ‘I Was Following Orders’ doesn’t 
count in a Court of Law!’ – Lawyers for Liberty 
is a human rights lawyers organisation that seeks 
to protect and promote human rights and civil liberties.

Vernon Coleman, author of ‘How to Stop Your 
Doctor Killing You’, 
how the third most common cause of death is from a doctor.

Dr Robert Malone, 
who developed mRNA technology, says the  mRNA 
vaccinated are showing signs of Antibody 
Dependant Enhancement (ADE), like he predicted.


Natalie Minnis, ‘Imagining Freedom’, 
on the no jab no job policy. – A “No Jab, No Job” 
Policy Followed By “Record Number Of Covid 
Deaths”. Coincidence? 
around the world are implementing various levels 
of coercion to persuade people to take Covid 
vaccinations – this despite several scientific 
warnings of the potential risks of “ADE” and 
“VADE” – “vaccine-associated disease 
enhancement”, a phenomenon which has been 
associated with coronavirus vaccination research 
in the past, making lab animals MORE susceptible 
to the serious, even fatal effects of the disease 
that the vaccine was meant to be protecting them 
from. Recent research from Public Health England 
showed that more deaths from the Delta variant of 
Covid occurred in the double-jabbed than in those 
who had not had the jab. The government of Fiji 
announced a “no jab, no job” policy on 6th July. 
By 22nd July, Fiji was reporting record numbers 
of Covid deaths. With the PHE results indicating 
at the very least that these vaccines are 
protecting no one, surely governments should be 
halting all vaccine coercion until more facts are known.

‘Trust WHO’, 2018 documentary by Oval Films that 
has now been censored by Youtube, Vimeo etc, It 
shows malfeasance of WHO staff endangering life 
after Chernobyl, Fukushima and the swine Flu 
outbreaks. Conflicts of interest promoting the 
interests of the pharmaceutical industry over those of the world’s population.

The captured interests of WHO and their failures 
or cover ups in public health. Documentary that 
exposes WHO. Don’t just listen to bias media. Is 
the WHO sick? 
filmmaker and mother Lilian Franck reveals 
clandestine influences by the tobacco, 
pharmaceutical and nuclear industries on the 
organization. She shows a frightening portrayal 
of our present society, in which governmental 
politics is becoming obsolete. This personal 
investigation tells the story of how the WHO has 
been infiltrated and influenced by industry, and 
how the member States misuse the UN-organization 
for their own national economic interests. 
Whether dealing with the tobacco scandal, swine 
flu or Fukushima – the WHO plays a daunting role. 
It lacks funding, power and transparency. And its 
decisions end up helping the pharmaceutical 
companies and the nuclear energy industry more 
than the victims. The WHO was created as a 
guardian of world health, but it has become the 
plaything of individual interests. Lilian Franck 
shows a frightening portrayal of our present 
society, in which governmental politics is becoming obsolete.


Daily Mirror dobs in Belmarsh whistle blower – 
Prison officer and whistleblower source Robert 
Norman ‘turned over’ to police by Daily Mirror 
loses his liberty, career, home, now European 
court appeal too – 
officer Robert Norman, whose identity as a 
confidential source was given to police by 
Trinity Mirror (now Reach), has lost an appeal 
against his conviction at the European Court of 
Human Rights. Norman (pictured) was jailed in 
2015 for 20 months after being found guilty of 
the centuries-old common law offence of 
misconduct in a public office. He was one of 34 
public officials convicted under Operation 
Elveden and lost his job, home and savings 
because of the case. He appealed against his 
prosecution and conviction but the reasons given 
by an Old Bailey judge, which had already been 
upheld by the UKs Court of Appeal, have now been 
deemed relevant and sufficient six years on by 
the European court. Norman first contacted the 
Daily Mirror, which he chose because it was 
deemed union-friendly, in 2006 because he was 
concerned about conditions at Belmarsh 
high-security prison, where he was health and 
safety official for the Prison Officers 
Association. He was not paid for the first story 
but was subsequently paid 10,684 for 40 pieces of 
information over five years. Norman complained in 
his appeal that the publishers disclosure had 
been forced by improper pressure from the police 
and therefore been akin to the compelled 
disclosure by the State of his name as a 
journalistic source. His lawyer Keir Monteith had 
argued Normans conviction undermined the historic 
protection of journalists sources and created a 
new principle of media businesses deciding what 
sources to be turned over to the police. However, 
European court unanimously ruled Normans claim 
inadmissible. It said the terms of the MoU had 
allowed Trinity Mirror to refuse to disclose 
information on Article 10 (freedom of expression) 
grounds, including the right to protect 
journalistic sources. Normans other objection 
under Article 10, that his prosecution and 
conviction violated his right to protection as a 
journalistic source, was unanimously ruled 
stories Norman gave to the Sun included the 
suicide of a prisoner, the suspension of a prison 
chaplain for inappropriate behaviour with 
prisoners, the demands of Abu Hamza on the prison 
service, attacks and plots to kill staff, and a 
sexual relationship between a female warder and a prisoner.

Assange, before he went into the Ecuadorian 
Embassy, on an inadequate and dangerous main stream press.

<http://www.holdingtheline.org.uk/>NDV News 
report on newly formed group of journalists 
‘Holding the 
Line’,<http://www.holdingtheline.org.uk/> who 
want to address the imbalance of Covid 19 
reporting.  Living Marxism run by the secret 
services?  Russia disconnects itself temporarily 
from global internet.  Belarus opposition leader 
wants sanctions on Belarus. 
Elijah on GB News

in the Desert’ on where 666 is mentioned in the Bible.

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