[Diggers350] Saturday 24th July: Mass Trespass on the Brighton Downs

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>Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2021 13:25:27 +0100 (BST)
>Dear all,
>There will be a mass trespass on the Brighton 
>Downs on Saturday 24th July, with a preceding 
>webinar on Thursday 15th July to debate the 
>issues of access to our countryside.
>Check out these links BELOW and make sure you 
>SIGN UP at the website for further updates and 
>information. Please SPREAD THE MESSAGE.
>The day will be peaceful and fun, and with new delights to see !
>dave bangs  https://landscapesoffreedom.com/about/
>Website: <http://www.landscapesoffreedom.com>www.landscapesoffreedom.com
>Twitter: <https://twitter.com/LandscapesofF>https://twitter.com/LandscapesofF
><http://www.facebook.com/landscapesoffreedom>Landscapes of Freedom
>Landscapes of Freedom, Brighton and Hove. 
>Landscapes of Freedom is an exciting new 
>collective of people passionate about supporting 
>the Right to Roam and ensuring...
<https://landscapesoffreedom.com/>Landscapes of Freedom


<https://landscapesoffreedom.com/>Landscapes of Freedom

Supporting the Right to Roam across the South Downs
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/blog/>LATEST NEWS
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/about/>ABOUT US
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/about-freeroaming/>ABOUT FREE WALKING
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Saturday 24th July 2021

The fate of our Brighton Downs sharply symbolises 
the fate of much of our modern private countryside.

Within the lifetimes of our oldest people living 
today the South Downs used to be a ‘Landscape of 
Freedom’, with great open scented, flowery 
pastures, rolling, close-cropped ‘sheep walks’ – 
largely unfenced – over which people could freely 
wander, whilst Skylarks made music in the heavens above our heads.

To be sure, the mad economics of imperial food 
policy and the craziness of two world wars had 
seen these biodiverse ‘chalk grasslands’ greatly 
neglected in a century of agricultural 
depression, then turned into army training 
ranges, and cleared and destroyed by dig-for-victory and post-war ploughing.

Even now there are nearly two hundred shattered 
fragments of these pastures surviving locally
mostly on slopes too steep to plough
 mostly in 
poor condition
 mostly unknown to us all.

We lost our freedom to wander. We lost most of 
this hugely-rich ecosystem
this ‘rainforest in miniature’.

We were driven from the places we’d played in as children.

NOW we want our Landscape of Freedom back!

This July a new alliance of free walkers, local 
and national, are organising a peaceful mass 
trespass on Saturday 24th July, 10.30am, to re-connect with our local Downland.

‘Landscapes of Freedom’ is a new local activist 
group, organising with and in support of the 
national <http://righttoroam.org.uk/>Right to Roam campaign.

This is in the tradition of the campaign of 
peaceful mass trespasses that were organised to 
support government proposals for a limited right 
to roam in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 
 and in the tradition of the famous Kinder Scout mass trespass of 1932.

Come join us for fun and celebration of our threatened Downland wildlife

‘What the eye cannot see the heart cannot grieve over’


Online event / talks, spoken word, song

(More details to follow soon).


All day walk and picnic

TIME: 10.30am


WATCH THIS SPACE: landscapesoffreedom at gmail.com

To stay updated, please also visit our social 
media sites and the hashtags #LandscapesOfFreedom and #Right2Roam


Supporting the Right to Roam across the South Downs
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/blog/>LATEST NEWS
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/about/>ABOUT US
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/about-freeroaming/>ABOUT FREE WALKING
    * <https://landscapesoffreedom.com/get-involved/>GET INVOLVED!


Landscapes of Freedom is an exciting new 
collective of people passionate about ensuring 
public access to the South Downs.
We believe it is fundamentally wrong that 92% of 
all of England’s land and 97% of its waterways 
are off limits to the general public. We are 
campaigning for a Right to Roam so that people 
across the nation can have access to the 
countryside, just like in Scotland today.

Here in Sussex the limited right to roam on 
unimproved down pasture and heath introduced in 
the year 2000 has brought only minor enlargements 
of access land. Most of our countryside, 
including most of our Downs, remain inaccessible. 
This includes areas which are officially ‘access 
land’ but can only be accessed through trespassing!

This movement is determinedly non-hierarchical, 
intersectional and justice based. We affirm an 
anti-discriminatory vision and mission. We know 
about the brutal legacies of enclosure, slavery 
and colonialism which have propped up the British 
aristocracy for centuries and have simultaneously 
severed people, particularly those most 
marginalised, from the land, while lining the 
pockets and expanding the estates of the richest. 
Once again, it is those made poor and disposessed 
who have had to pay for the crimes of the richest.

The countryside belongs to us all and Landscapes 
of Freedom is committed to a campaign for public 
land centered around intersectional justice for 
all communities. We are a peaceful campaign which 
is determined to help preserve Downland for 
future generations and which recognises the 
importance of biodiversity and people’s 
connection to the natural world as being central 
in the global struggle for climate justice.

For more information about fellow organisations 
also working on land justice, please visit:

<https://www.righttoroam.org.uk/>The Right to 
Roam – “A national campaign to expand the 
Countryside & Rights of Way (CRoW) Act in England 
so that millions more people can have easy access 
to open space, and the physical, mental and 
spiritual health benefits that it brings.”
<https://landinournames.community/>Land in Our 
Names – LION – “A grassroots Black-led collective 
committed to reparations in Britain by connecting 
land and climate justice with racial justice.”

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