[Diggers350] New Planning Bill an ‘utter disaster’, say countryside campaigners

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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the link.

Strange but it's not really a Planning Bill, as planners did not plan
it, it is a developers bill, developed by developers for developers*.

*Who have donated around £11m to the Tories. In the Chumocracy, who pays
the piper calls the tune.


On 11/05/2021 19:21, Mark Brown wrote:
> Critics say bill unveiled in Queen’s speech to spur housebuilding will
> bring ‘dark age of development’
> Ministers are expected to enact a radical shift by zoning land either
> for growth or protection.
> by Robert Booth, The Guardian
> Tue 11 May 2021
> Ref: <a
> href="https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/11/johnsons-planning-laws-an-utter-disaster-say-countryside-campaigners"
> rel="noopener"
> target="_blank">https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/11/johnsons-planning-laws-an-utter-disaster-say-countryside-campaigners">https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/11/johnsons-planning-laws-an-utter-disaster-say-countryside-campaigners
> <https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/11/johnsons-planning-laws-an-utter-disaster-say-countryside-campaigners></a>
> A dramatic loosening of planning laws to create a housebuilding boom
> will damage local democracy and destroy swathes of countryside by
> granting property developers a freer hand to build over green fields,
> planning experts have warned.
> The new laws, part of the government’s “Project Speed” to accelerate
> infrastructure projects, are intended to increase the number of homes
> being planned by more than a third, and were announced in the Queen’s
> speech. But critics described them as “an utter disaster” which would
> return the country to “a deregulated dark age of development”.
> Ministers are expected to enact a radical shift in the way decisions
> are made on new developments by zoning land either for growth, where
> developers will be allowed to build homes and related infrastructure
> such as schools and hospitals without individual planning consents, or
> protection where development will be restricted.
> It wants to boost home ownership in areas of increasing Conservative
> support in northern England and the Midlands and will use post-Brexit
> freedoms to “simplify … environmental assessments for developments”.
> It said there will be stronger rules on design – but countryside
> campaigners warned the changes would lead to the “suburbanisation” of
> the countryside and “rural sprawl” without delivering much-needed
> affordable housing.
> The councils body the Local Government Information Unit said the
> changes would “leave local government with the political liability on
> planning whilst depriving them … of the powers to manage it effectively”.
> The Queen’s speech did not include a bill to improve regulation of
> social housing despite a government white paper last year. Grenfell
> United, which represents the bereaved and survivors of the 2017
> council block disaster, said it was “deeply let down” at the failure
> to “redress the balance of power between social housing tenants and
> landlords”.
> Plans to reform leaseholds went as far as a new bill so leaseholders
> of new, long residential leases cannot be charged a financial ground
> rent for no tangible service. But there was no plan for helping
> current leaseholders pay up to £10bn in fire safety costs from faults
> discovered after Grenfell.
> Announcing a planning bill that is expected to be the most radical
> since the 1948 Town and Country Planning Act, the government promised
> “simpler, faster procedures for producing local development plans,
> approving major schemes, assessing environmental impacts and
> negotiating affordable housing and infrastructure contributions”.
> But Fiona Howie, the chief executive of the Town and Country Planning
> Association, said: “It is disappointing that the government’s
> narrative has focused, once again, solely on housing numbers. If we
> are truly committed to building back better, we need the built
> environment to support communities to thrive.”
> She also said the bill must “ensure planning radically reduces our
> carbon emissions”, describing the legislation as the “last chance”.
> The moves were described as an “utter disaster” by the Lancashire,
> Liverpool city region and Greater Manchester branch of the CPRE
> charity, which lobbies to protect the countryside.
> “We will see a lot more houses on greenfield land and in areas of
> outstanding natural beauty,” said Debra McConnell, the chair of the
> branch. “The people in the north of England need these green spaces
> for their wellbeing.”
> The CPRE also warned the bill, which will largely apply only in
> England, ran counter to the proposed environmental bill and would
> “take us back to a deregulated dark age of development”. It fears most
> of the new homes are unlikely to be low-cost or affordable.
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