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>Subject: New joint report looks at major savings in housing sector
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>New joint report looks at major savings in housing sector
>Embargoed until 00.01, 18 October 2021
>17 October 2021
>A new report by the Chartered institute of 
>Housing (CIH) and the Centre for Homelessness 
>Impact highlights  that money spent on housing 
>support could be used more effectively:
>    * The Exchequer could save £1.9 billion a 
> year by moving recipients of Housing Benefit 
> (HB) or Universal Credit (UC) from private 
> rented accommodation to social rented housing, 
> whilst also making low income households less vulnerable to homelessness
>    * Councils could save £572 million a year 
> if they were able to use social rented housing 
> for the 73,700 lettings they currently use in 
> the private rented sector for households at risk of homelessness
>    * The savings in benefit and temporary 
> accommodation costs could offset the cost of building more social rented homes
>    * Moving each benefit claimant out of 
> private rented accommodation and into a social 
> rented accommodation will save approximately 
> £1,100 per year in benefit payments
>    * Moving each family in temporary 
> accommodation and into social rented 
> accommodation saves about £7,760 per year
>    * 1.7 million tenants in private rented 
> accommodation, where rents are higher, receive 
> housing subsidies through the benefits system 
> which costs £7.9 billion a year.
>The report found that building 10,000 homes a 
>year in the social rented sector would cost 
>central government around £40 million a year 
>but could in turn save £44 million a year in 
>housing subsidies if used to house tenants 
>currently in private rented housing or temporary accommodation.
>James Prestwich, director of policy and external affairs, CIH said:
>“This joint report reveals the full benefit to 
>the exchequer of building social rented homes.
>“Councils currently house almost 75,000 
>households, at risk of homelessness, in private 
>rented accommodation. If these households could 
>be rehoused in social rented homes councils would save £572m a year.”
>Dr Lígia Teixeira, chief executive officer, 
>Centre for Homelessness Impact, said:
>“We should ask hard questions about whether 
>the very large sums paid in benefits to 
>subsidise the housing costs of people on low 
>incomes are being used in the most effective way.
>“While evidence suggests this financial 
>assistance constitutes an important part of the 
>UK’s homelessness ‘safety net’, our report 
>shows that it is possible to make limited 
>resources go further: for instance, by 
>redirecting some of this money into social 
>housing which can be better value and more secure for tenants.”
>Before the pandemic temporary accommodation for 
>families experiencing homelessness was costing 
>local authorities £1.2 billion a year; almost 
>four fifths of such accommodation is met using private rented housing.
>The Department of Work and Pensions currently 
>spends £30.6 billion a year on HB and the 
>housing element of UC, which is around 15% of 
>the benefits budget. This is forecast to 
>increase to £31.3 billion by 2025-26 as more people switch to UC.
>Notes to editors
>To read the full report; 
>For further information contact Karen Ireland, 
>communications manager, karen.ireland at cih.org
>About the Chartered Institute of Housing
>The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) is the 
>independent voice for housing and the home of 
>professional standards. We have a diverse 
>membership of people who work in both the public 
>and private sectors, in 20 countries on five continents across the world.
>Our goal is to support housing professionals to 
>create a future in which everyone has a place to 
>call home by providing them and their 
>organisations with the advice, support and knowledge they need to be brilliant.
>CIH is a registered charity and not-for-profit 
>organisation. This means that the money we make 
>is put back into the organisation and funds the 
>activities we carry out to support the housing sector.
>About the Centre for Homelessness Impact:
>The Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI), is a 
>member of the 
>Works Network.  It advocates for an evidence 
>based approach to ending homelessness for 
>good.  The CHI supports organisations in the 
>field of homelessness and beyond to make 
>evidence-led decisions and to adopt evidence-led practices.
>Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH), Octavia 
>House Westwood Way, Coventry, West Midlands, CV4 8JP, United Kingdom
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