[Diggers350] Commoners' Bible: Open Spaces Society 'Our Common Land', Commons defenders get new version

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>From: Kate Ashbrook <hq at oss.org.uk>
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>Subject: Open Spaces Society news release: Commons defenders get new version
>  of Bible
>Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2022 07:43:01 +0000
>The Open Spaces Society(1), Britain’s leading 
>pressure-group for common land(2) has published 
>the seventh edition of its ‘Commons Bible’, Our 
>Common Land, the law and history of common land and village greens.
>There are 600,000 hectares (2,300 square miles) 
>of common land in England and Wales.  It is 
>special for its history, archaeology, wildlife, 
>biodiversity, landscape, and culture, its 
>vitality to upland farming in particular, and 
>for informal recreation.  Commons have their own 
>laws, some of which are complex.
>Tragically, solicitor Paul Clayden died shortly 
>after completing the draft of the book, and it 
>has been finalised by the Open Spaces Society’s 
>staff.  It brings the law up to date since the 
>sixth edition was published in 2007.  It 
>explains the intricacies of the Commons Act 
>2006, how to register land as common, how to 
>protect it from abuse and encroachments, and who 
>has rights to do what and where.
>Says Kate Ashbrook, general secretary of the 
>Open Spaces Society: ‘Anyone who is involved in 
>commons, whether as a landowner, common 
>right-holder, community group, or member of the 
>public, needs to know about the laws which 
>protect and govern common land.  Our book 
>explains these in straightforward language.
>‘We want people to appreciate how important 
>commons are, for their contribution to our 
>environment and to our health and 
>well-being.  The society champions commons to 
>ensure that they remain open, unenclosed and 
>inspirational places for all to enjoy.’
>The book costs £25 including post and 
>packing.  Further information is on the 
>society’s website <https://www.oss.org.uk/our-common-land/>here.
>Photos: The cover of Our Common Land.  Ashtead Common, Surrey.
>Notes for Editors
>1          The Open Spaces Society was founded 
>in 1865 and is Britain’s oldest national 
>conservation body.  It campaigns to protect 
>common land, village greens, open spaces and 
>public paths, and people’s right to enjoy them.
>2          Common land is land subject to rights 
>of common, to graze animals or collect wood for 
>instance, or waste land of the manor not subject 
>to rights.  The public has the right to walk on 
>all commons, and to ride on many.  Commons are 
>protected in that works on common land require 
>the consent of the Secretary of State for 
>Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, via the 
>Planning Inspectorate, or the Welsh Ministers, 
>via Planning and Environment Decisions Wales.
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