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GreenNet training is specifically developed to meet the needs of GreenNet
users. Trainings are intensive, with one tutor to 4-5 trainees, they are
designed to teach you what you need to know. Courses are at a reduced rate
to users, as part of our service to you.

GreenNet can now accept individual learning accounts (ILAs), so you can
receive up to 150 pounds towards the cost of your course.

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- - Web Design training -

This course is intended to provide a solid grounding in HTML coding (the
core language of every web page) and web design principles. It is suitable
for anyone wishing to learn to design and /or update web pages.

Courses are scheduled monthly, upcoming courses include:
Sat 27th & Sun 28th Jan; Sat 24th & Sun 25th Feb.
The course will be run from 11.00 till 18.00 over the two days.
The March course will be scheduled over a series of six evening sessions,
please contact Joanne for more details. Details of booking, course costs
and the course outline can be found at:

- - Email and Internet training -

There are two courses designed to introduce beginners, and offer new
skills to intermediate users:
Internet and e-mail using Netscape and Eudora
Internet and e-mail using Internet Explorer and Outlook Express

Courses are scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month, running
throughout next year. Details of booking, course costs and the course
outline can be found at:

- - Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) -

GreenNet have developed this course as a response to users concerns about
the security of their use of the Internet and the security of their e-mail

The course will be scheduled monthly, for further details and a course
outline, please contact support at gn.apc.org.

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If you have already attended a training course, pass on this message to a
friend or colleague who may be interested. If you don't want updates on
GreenNet's training, please let me know. If you have any other questions,
and would like further details of upcoming courses/dates, please do get in

Best wishes,
Joanne Doyle
Coordinator GreenNet

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