[Greennet-l] Maintenance work Sunday 26-11-00

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Fri Nov 24 16:00:35 GMT 2000


Dear GreenNet users,

We will be continuing a series of maintenance works on 
Sunday 26-11-00.  There will be disruptions to some of our 
services between 1pm and 4pm.
Connecting to the Internet and sending e-mail should be unaffected.

UUnet who provide our 0845 dial up numbers and leased telephone line
are carrying out some service improvement works in the London area on 28-11-00
and 30-11-00 between 4am and 7am.  Disruption is expected to be minimal but may
result in short losses of connectivity in the London area.

Sorry for the short notice.

Best Wishes

Phil Carr

GreenNet Support

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