[Greennet-l] UUnet maintenance work

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Tue Sep 19 14:56:41 BST 2000

Dear GreenNet Members,

UUnet who provide the 0845 numbers that you dial to connect to the
Internet, have made the following announcment regarding
upgrgade/maintenance work.

Usually these works have a very minimal affect on our service and we do
not anticpate any disrupuption either outside London or outside the
times UUnet have specified.

Best Wishes

Phil Carr

For the GreenNet Collective


On the dates below, between 3am and 7am routine maintenance work will be
taking place on UUnets servers located in docklands.

This work may affect your Internet connection and for periods of time
there maybe a total loss of connectivity. UUNET would like to stress
that any loss of service will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The maintenance work that is being carried out is part of the continual
work by UUNET to improve and expand our network and so offer a faster
and more resilient service to its customers.  It is being phased across
the UK working on one PoP at a time and in a way designed to minimise the
potential disruption to individual customers and the network. 

The dates are:

Tuesday 26th September 2000
Thursday 28th September 2000
Tuesday 3rd October 2000
Thursday 5th October 2000
Tuesday 10th October 2000
Thursday 12th October 2000
Tuesday 17th October 2000
Thursday 19th October 2000


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