[Greennet-l] Time to vote in ICANN elections

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Fri Sep 29 17:09:31 BST 2000

Dear GreenNet Members,

thanks to all of you that took the time to register as ICANN at-large
members.  It is time for registered ICANN at-large members to vote in the
ICANN elections

You need to vote between October 1 - 10 by visiting the ICANN members 
website <https://members.icann.org/>. ICANN is using the Alternative (also 
known as "Preferential" or "Single-Transferable") Voting System in the 
election, so you can rank the candidates in order of preference ("1" for 
first choice, "2" for second choice, etc). However, for the European 
Region, GreenNet is recommending only a first and second choice. The 
original ICANN nominations were all business, rather than civil society, 
orientated and both the candidates we are supporting got on the ballot 
through member-nomination.

Our first choice received big support, way ahead of other 
member-nominations, and he has a very good chance of winning against the 
ICANN Board nominations, if we all get behind him in this last round of voting.

GreenNet's recommendations are based on the work of the Internet Rights 
team at the Association for Progressive Communications. For further details 
of its recommendations see the APC website <www.apc.org>.

We recommend:

First choice: Andy Mueller-Maguhn

Andy is a member of the Chaos Computer Club e.V. (https://www.ccc.de) and 
has been its speaker since 1990. The CCC is a non-governmental, non-profit 
organization which promotes for free flow of information and  the right to 
worldwide communication, and monitors the effects of technical development 
on society.  He is also a journalist and networking consultant who has 
worked in computer communications for over half of his life.  He has a 
strong technical background, but is concerned about technology's misuse and 
how this threatens society.

Andy believes that: "ICANN and the architecture of the Internet are a 
public issue and that they will have an increasing effect on how society is 
able to share its know-how and develop accordingly. So the idea must be to 
make the things at ICANN transparent and the decisions future-compatible."

His ICANN statement: https://members.icann.org/cand/84.html

Second choice: Jeanette Hofmann.

She is a signatory to the "Civil Society Statement on the ICANN Elections" 
and a founding member of the European chapter of Computer Professionals for 
Social Responsibility.

Her ICANN statement: https://members.icann.org/cand/86.html

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