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GreenNet Maintenance Work 13/01/01
- -------------------------------------------------------

To GreenNet Members

On Saturday 13th January between 1-3pm BT will be doing some maintenance 
work on our leased line.  There may be some down time during this period, 
although this will be kept to a minimum.

It will affect the collection and possibly the sending of e-mail, and 
access to sites that we host, but is a routine procedure and so there 
should be no lasting problems.  Our technicians will be around to make sure 
that everything goes ok.

Technical Problems on 12/01/01
- ----------------------------------------------

Some users may have experienced connectivity problems on 12/01/01 after 
about 5pm.  The problem seems to be with a main internet relay affecting a 
number of ISPs and servers in Europe.  We have spoken to UUNet/Pipex about 
the problem and they are trying to identify the source of the problem and 
work with the technicians responsible for the relay to fix it.  It may 
affect connections to certain websites and sending messages to certain mail 
servers, but is not affecting everybody, and it should be a matter of 
trying again a bit later on in most cases.

Virus Warning
- ---------------------

Some users have been affected by the "Emmanuel" virus, which works in a 
similar way to the recent "I Love You" virus.  If you receive an attachment 
called emmanuel.exe do not open it, delete the message and clear your trash 
or deleted items.

For information on the virus and what to do if you think you might have 
been infected go to:



Liz Probert
GreenNet User Support and Outreach

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