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GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Mon Nov 12 14:56:25 GMT 2001

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Dear GreenNet users,

we have a number of announcements for you which we are sure you will
find very useful.

GreenNet is 15 years old.
Using BT callminder service.
Free Antivirus software.
.info and .biz domain names.
More webspace and pop accounts.

i)GreenNet 15th Anniversary

GreenNet is celebrating our 15th anniversary in November with a party
on the 16th of November at the J3 on the corner of White Lion Street
and Baron Street, London N1. Starting at 7pm everyone is welcome.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your
support over the years and hope that we will still be providing your
internet services in 15 years time!

ii) Using BT callminder service.

If you are using BT's new 1571 call minder service you may have
problems connecting to the Internet.  When you have a message waiting
for you the dial tone on your phone line changes.  Your modem will
not recognise this altered dial tone as valid and will
give you a no dial tone message and refuse to dial.  You can overcome
this by making your modem ignore the dial tone. 
To do this: 
*Press the Start button and go to settings > contol panels >
modem. The modem control panel will open
*Select your modem by with a single left click
*Click on the properties button
*Click on the connections tab
* In the call preferences section remove the tick from 'Wait for dial
tone before dialing'.

iii) Have you started using free antivirus software.

In our last newsletter we recommended some free antivirus software. 
We are please to report that many of our users have installed it and
are very happy with it.  So, to remind those of
you that may have missed it, the product is called AVG antivirus and
can be obtained from http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index.html

iv) .info and .biz domain names are now available for registration.

Some time ago a number of new Top Level Domains were authorised to
compliment the existing .com .org or .net.  Two of them have now been
released and .info and .biz are now available for registration.  You
can register .info or .biz domains for any of our domain name bundle
packages and organisational membership or you can register them and
'park' them at GreenNet for use a later date. Please note that the
new domains must be over 2 letters long. Email support at gn.apc.org for
more details

v) 50 MB of webspace for all websites and 5 pop accounts for
organisational membership.

We have increased the amount of webspace for all of our website
accounts to 50MB.  We have also increased the number of pop accounts
that come with our Organisational Membership package from 3 pop
accounts to 5.  You can apply for your extra accounts by emailing
support at gn.apc.org

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