[Greennet-l] Internet Connection Number Change 4-2-02 IMPORTANT INFORMATION

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Wed Jan 23 14:38:39 GMT 2002

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GreenNets dial up numbers for Internet access are changing on the

Dear GreenNet users,

This information is very important, please read it very carefully. If
you do not follow the instructions carefully it is possible that you
may lose your Internet connectivity. You do not have to do anything

As part of our ongoing series of service improvements we are changing
the numbers that 
You use to connect to the Internet.
- From Monday 4-2-02 all of our current numbers will be replaced by a
single number.

The new number is 0845 059 0040 

(This new number is only for internet connections and NOT for calls
to our office)

Who needs to change the number?

If you use GreenNet to connect to the internet and use email you will
need to change the number. People using other ISPs to connect to the
internet should not make the change.

Will my username or password change?

No. Your username and password will not change.

Will my website or domain name change?

No. Not as a result of this number change.

When do I need to change the number?

The new system will start working after 12pm on Monday 4th February.
GreenNet will be sending out message to all of our users on that day
to confirm the system is working and to remind you to make the
change. The old system will stop working on Thursday 28th February so
it is important that you make the change as soon as possible.

How do I change the number?

People using Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP should run the software that we
will be sending out on 28-1-02. Running the software will change the
numbers for you and it will also make a change to your email program
settings.  Please do not use the software until after 12pm on Monday
4th February.

Users with Macs or will have to be talked through changes by GreenNet
support staff and we will be providing details for Mac users on our

Organisations with Local Area Network (LAN) email systems should
contact GreenNet support for advice.

Can I make the changes myself?

If you are a Windows user you should use the software we provide. If
you are use a Mac or any other system and are confident that you can
make the changes yourself you will need to do the following:

i)	Change the dial up number to 0845 059 0040 
ii) Change the SMTP server to: smtp.greennet.org.uk 
iii) You may need to change the name server addresses to

What should I do if I need help making these changes?

If you need help making the changes please call 0845 055 4011

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