[Greennet-l] GreenNet announcement 22-5-2002

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Wed May 22 17:47:08 BST 2002


Dear GreenNet users

We have a few announcements to make.

This will be the last email that I, Phil Carr, will be sending to
you. I am leaving GreenNet on 31-5-02 for pastures new. (Starting
with watching the World Cup for the whole of June!) I would like to
say how much I have enjoyed working here and how much I will miss my
colleagues at GreenNet and all of our subscribers.

I will be succeeded by Michael Moritz whom I am confident will do a
good job of taking on the role of GreenNet support. Micheal starts on
the 5th June. I hope that you will all bear with us as we go through
this transition.

Best wishes and keep on keeping on! Your support to GreenNet  really
does make the world of difference.


Support Hours
Viruses and Virus Hoaxes
Scam E-mails

Support Hours
- - --------------------

 From June 2002 our support hours and office hours will be 9.30am to
5.30am. We realise that this is a modest reduction in hours but since
the system improvements we made earlier in the year, we have had a
huge reduction in support calls.  We have also introduced new
monitoring systems that allow us to react to any system issues much

Viruses and Virus Hoaxes
- - ----------------------------------

We cannot impress enough the importance of Virus protection on your
computer. The number 1 rule is not to open ANY attachments even from
someone you know BEFORE scanning them first. Once you have installed
virus software you should make sure that you keep it up to date. 
This means visiting the website of your anti-virus manufacturer every
two weeks or so.

Virus hoaxes are spreading like wildfire at the moment.  Most hoaxes
take the form of an email that gives you information about a virus
that has incredible destructive powers. The email usually encourages
you to forward the message to everyone in your address book.  If you
receive a message like that please forward it to support and we can
check it for you.

Scam E-mails
- - -----------------

There has been a huge increase in a scam emails trying to trick
people into giving away their bank details to help someone in Africa
move $320,000,000 or so to a European bank.  The emails all follow a
very similar formula.  They claim the money is something to do with
inheritance, oil, arms etc and they need help to get it out of the
country.  They are usually from yahoo addresses and some contain the
most ridiculous spelling mistakes too.

If you do receive one of these messages please delete it.

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