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GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Fri Feb 6 11:32:16 GMT 2004

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Dear GreenNet User,

We have been experiencing technical problems since Tuesday evening  with the
GreenNet dialup number 0845 0590040. We are working together with our
providers to  fix these problems. The problems cause a PPP timeout when 
you try to connect to  GreenNet and are intermittent. Typically, you will 
receive an error message 718 in Windows 98.

 At this stage our suppliers do not know  how long it will take to fix. So 
 we  have set up a backup account which you can use in order to connect 
 while the problems persist. Details are below.

In the meantime we would like to apologise for the inconvenience these 
problems are causing.

(Please note that the E-mail and web service are working as normal.)

Number:      0845 1400106
Username:    greennet
Password:    green


GreenNet Support

Windows 98:


a) Double-click on the 'My Computer' icon and then double-click on the
'Dial-up Networking' folder.

b) Note:If you have just joined GreenNet please go to step c) now. If you
are needing to amend your current GreenNet connection, click once on your
existing GreenNet connection and press your Delete key. You will be asked
if you are sure you want to delete .GreenNet.. Click Yes.

c) Double-click on the 'Make a new connection' icon.

d) You will be asked to type a name for the computer you are dialling.
e) Click Next to continue.

f) Enter the area code and phone number. Enter the following:

	0845 1400106

Calls are charged at a local rate.

g) Make sure that the Country Code is United Kingdom. Click Next to

h) Click Finish to save the new connection.

i) With the right-hand mouse button, click on the GreenNet icon, and
choose properties.

j) You will see *either* a single tab called General *or* 3 tabs called
General, Server Types and Scripting.

k) Click on the Server Types tab (or button, if you only have one tab).
You should leave the tick in enable software compression, and remove the
ticks from log onto network and require encrypted password, if they are

l) In the second section Allowed network protocols, you should remove the
ticks in NetBEUI and IPX/SPX, leaving a tick in TCP/IP only. For Windows
98, this should now look like:

m) You need not make any other changes. Click OK.

n) You should now have returned to Dial Up Networking window.

o) Double-click the GreenNet icon in the Dial Up Networking window, and
you will see the Connect To screen.
p) Remove anything that is in this field and replace it with your full
email address, including the @gn.apc.org part.

q) In the Password field, type in your current password - the same one
that you use for email.

r) If Save Password is ticked, then these new settings will be remembered
as soon as you make a successful connection.

19. Then click Connect.

- -----------------------------------------------------------------

Windows XP:
- -----------

Begin by clicking on the Start button in the bottom left side of your
desktop. Then move the mouse over to Control Panel and click (as seen

    This will open the Control Panel window. This is where you make most
changes on your system. The next step is to click on the Network icon
(pictured below).
    Double click on the Icon labelled Network Connections. This will bring
up the window you see below. Double click on the icon labelled New
Connection Wizard.

    The New Connection Wizard will walk you through setting up a dial-up
connection to GreenNet. Begin by clicking Next, located on the bottom
right (seen below).

    Next you will see the Network Connection Type window. Select Connect
to the Internet by clicking in the circle next to it (as seen below).
Click the Next button on the bottom right to continue.

    This will take you to the Getting Ready window. You will see three
choices there (as seen below). Please select the middle one labelled Set
up my connection manually and then click Next.

    The next window (seen below) is labelled Internet Connection. You will
want to select the first option, Connect using a dial-up modem. Then click
Next to continue.

    This window is called Connection Name. Just type in GreenNet as seen
below and click Next.

    Now we should be in the Phone Number to Dial screen you see below.
Just type in 0845 0590040 as seen below.Once this is completed, click

    Next is the Internet Account Information screen. In this screen you
will be adding in the Username and Password provided to you in your
welcome letter. The username should be your whole GreenNet email address,
including @gn.apc.org. Then type in your password and make sure that the
top two boxes below that are checked. Then click Next.

    This should be the last window, labelled Completing the New Connection
Wizard. In this window all you need to do is review what it says and then
check the box labelled Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.

    Click finish and you are done.

    Congratulations! You are ready to use your Dialup. There should now be
an Icon on your desktop. Just double click on the Icon to connect. After
you are connected, just double click on the Internet Explorer icon on your
desktop and you will be on the web.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Instructions for Macs:

Name server addresses are:
(Apple|Control Panels|TCP/IP)

Enter telephone number and username password into Apple|Control 
Panels|Remote Access

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