[Greennet-l] Virus warning: ZIP attachments not accepted

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Tue Jan 27 14:36:31 GMT 2004

Dear Members,

Please be warned that there is a major outbreak of a Windows computer 
virus called 'MyDoom' or 'Novarg'.  You may receive a serious of messages 
with subject lines like 'Test', 'hello' or 'Hi' with a 32K attachment.  As 
usual with unsolicited attachments, you are advised to delete these 
messages without opening them.  Updating antivirus software 
is also recommended.

For more information see:

While our servers have been rejecting most of these viruses since last 
night, as an additional precaution we are also rejecting all messages 
with a .zip (compressed archive) file extension from 1pm today until the 
attack ends.  If you are intending to send or receive files in ZIPped 
format, we'd suggest sending uncompressed or in a different archive format 
for the time being.

Best wishes,

Cedric Knight

GreenNet Support
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