[Greennet-l] GreenNet Server Move Anouncement 29th March 2004 - 30th March 2004

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Tue Mar 23 17:10:08 GMT 2004

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Dear GreenNet Member

We have been advised by our hosting providers that they have scheduled 
moving our servers from Manchester to London on Monday 
29th March 2004.

As a result of these changes our servers will appear offline for a period 
	5.30pm on Monday 29th to 9.00am Tuesday 30th. 

We apologise for the short notice. We have only been informed today by our
network provider about this server move.

Affected services:

* E-mail (POP,SMTP) - sending and receiving mail will not be possible. 
You will receive an error message along the lines of "Network unreachable".
You will not lose any email that is being sent to you during the downtime. 
It will be kept in a queue on our secondary mail server and delivered 
once the servers are connected again. There is no need to alter any of 
your settings.

* Web sites on Linux servers - the web sites will be unreachable. A 
holding page will be put up to tell web site visitors when the servers 
will be up again.

Should you have any questions please email support at gn.apc.org or ring 0845 
055 4011 during office hours.


GreenNet Support

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