[Greennet-l] Mail Server Upgrade on 7/8th May

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Fri Apr 29 17:29:00 BST 2005

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Mail Server Upgrade on 7/8th May
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Dear GreenNet member

We are going to be upgrading our mail server on the weekend of the 7th
and 8th of May.  There should be little disruption to services as the
new server will already be fully installed and tested with an exact
copy of all your mailboxes and other data before we make the switch.
However there are certain things that you need to be aware of, as follows:

1) Because we are copying your mailboxes over those of you who leave
large amounts of mail on the server may have to download all your
previously read messages again.  To avoid this it would be helpful if
you could clear out your mailboxes of any read mail before the switch
over happens.  The easiest way to do this is using webmail (follow the
link from our home page).  If you do nothing it will not cause
anything to be lost, but it  may be annoying for you to have a long
download of old messages.  If you do not leave mail on the server (the
majority of users won't) this will not be an issue.
If you are not sure check in your mail program settings (in
Eudora/Outlook/Thunderbird or whichever mail program you use) and look
for the option "leave mail on server" often found in a section like
"server settings" to check if it is ticked.

2)We will be changing our ip addresses.  Again this should be seamless
for most users, but there are some users that will be affected.  This
will not be immediate as the old ip addresses will carry on working
for a cross-over period.  If you host a domain name with another ISP
which points its domain record to one of our ip addresses you should
change it to point to the servers name instead, then it will no longer
be affected by ip changes.  Get in touch with support at gn.apc.org if
you think this affects you and you want further advice.

As a result of the upgrade the mail server will be much faster and we
will be able to introduce some exciting new services such as IMAP mail
delivery and extending the functions of webmail.

GreenNet phone lines were down this Friday until about  3pm, we
apologise to any of you who were trying to get through and couldn't.
There was a BT fault  affecting  our whole building (and beyond) which
has now been resolved.


GreenNet Support

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