[Greennet-l] Celebrating 20 Years...

Anna Feldman anna at gn.apc.org
Tue Nov 14 15:30:50 GMT 2006

Please come and join us in celebrating a story that goes back 20 years...

Way back when in 1986, a bunch of techie environmentalists with an 
imaginative idea about working together using electronic networks, did 
some programming and developed a way of using internet protocol to 
circulate information and get activists hooked up with each other. They 
decided to call their network GreenNet.

20 years, hundreds of websites, thousands of networks, not to mention 
millions of email messages later, we decided to have a party to 
celebrate the work that's been done, and that everything's still working.

So please join us by switching off your computer on Thursday December 
14th and come down to the Three Tuns bar at LSE (Houghton Street WC2) 

We'll be there from 7.00 pm. There'll be great music (some of it live!), 
and even greater company.

With love from the GreenNet Collective
Ana, Anna, Cedric, Howard, Ian, Janet, Karen, Liz, Marek, and Mimo


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