[Greennet-l] Set your desktop free! Affordable linux training for you

Anna Feldman opensource at gn.apc.org
Mon Sep 18 16:13:32 BST 2006

GreenNet's Linux Training - back by popular demand - now on Saturday!

More and more GreenNet users are discovering that there is a better 
place on their hard drives than the MS Windows drive. Come along to the 
next Linux training course in 3 weeks time, and you can find it too. Our 
training will cover all you need to get started on having a truly Open 
Source working environment on your computer.

Working with Open Source software is all about opening things up so that 
we can share and improve things together. It's more practical, secure 
and sustainable.

What are you waiting for? Our training is:
* affordable - only £50 for a full day's training
* thought provoking - join in the discussion about the politics of how 
we work online
* practical - bring in your laptop and install Linux during the training
* realistic - we'll cover all the applications you need to do your 
day-to-day work
* supportive - there's telephone and online support for as long as you 
need it after the training is over
* very soon! The next training date is *Saturday 7th October*

Forget the excuses and call in to book your place. It's as easy as 
writing to opensource at gn.apc.org.
You can find more details on www.gn.apc.org/linuxtraining.html


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