[Greennet-l] GreenNet service update 9 August 2013

GreenNet User Support support at gn.apc.org
Fri Aug 9 18:41:27 BST 2013

Dear GreenNet community,

We would like to keep you informed about the latest status of
GreenNet services. Since this morning there has been a second attack
on some of our systems. The resultant disruption will affect people
who have websites hosted on one of our older web servers. Thanks to
measures we have taken in response to last week's attack we do now
have much more useful information, including which website was the
target of this attack, almost certainly the same as the target of
last week's attack. The current attack is affecting access to some
websites we host, but it has not had the same widespread effect on
our systems as last week's attack. In particular, email, dedicated
servers and the newer sites we host should be unaffected and working

We currently are working on completely isolating the site under
attack from the rest of the websites we host, so normal access to
all sites should be completely functional within 24 hours and some
access should be restored sooner. (For those affected, you may be
able to see your own site soon by omitting the "www." from the
domain name.)

Things are still in a state of change, but we are actively seeking
facilities that are best able to ensure internet services are as
reliable as possible. We will keep you all updated as we investigate
further and are able to release more information. We would like to
apologise for the inconvenience, particularly if you are one of
those currently affected.

Best wishes,
The GreenNet Collective

GreenNet supports a progressive community working for Peace,
the Environment, Gender Equality and Social Justice, through
the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs).

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