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*Dear GreenNet friends,* 	
*December 2019*

It's time for our annual GreenNet winter newsletter. We'd like to thank
you for your support in 2019 and wish you a very merry festive season.

Things are looking pretty bleak politically right now, but when we need
a bit of positivity we just have to look at all the work our wonderful
members are involved in to change things for the better. We're looking
forward to working together with you all in 2020 and the next decade...

We've had a busy year to tell you about, but if you just want to see
when our office is closed for the holidays, please skip to the end of
this message.

      Ethical Consumer Best Buy

Our broadband and email services are still Ethical Consumer's best buys!

      Faster and Faster Broadband

We have added fibre-optic connection to our list of options for GreenNet
Broadband, with download speeds of up to 80Mbps (depending on location).
We can do FTTC and even faster FTTP, where the BT infrastructure is

      GreenNet's New Offices at the Green House

In January we moved into our permanent new space with Ethical Property.
The new building is filling up with interesting new neighbours the likes
of Sustrans, Beryl, Extinction Rebellion and LBD.

      Our Epic Legal Challenge to GCHQ hacking continues...

This year has seen some progress in our anti-surveillance legal
challenge with Privacy International and others. Following a Supreme
Court ruling on a similar case involving Liberty, the UK government
conceded that there should be a right of appeal in UK against the
secretive Investigatory Powers Tribunal, rather than escalating directly
to the European Court of Human Rights, for the moment anyway. The
struggle continues!


Claire moved on to Friends of the Earth in August, although she has
still been working with us as a freelancer on ongoing web projects

      Web Projects

GreenNet collaborated with Wave, Netuxo, Leftspace, Sarah Macbeth, Chris
Wells, and others, and launched new websites for:

  * The British Naturalists Association <>
  * Greenwich Murals Workshop <>
  * Electronic Immigration Network <> (with the
    wonderful Netuxo)
  * Julie's Bicycle <>
  * UNESCO <>
  * Marx Memorial Library <>
  * Women's Engineering Society Centenary Map
    and we have a few more nearly ready!

      GreenNet's Year in Numbers

  * We've attached another 4 hard drives to our servers, that adds 4.8TB
    of capacity which may not sound like much, but those 4 billion,
    eight hundred thousand million bytes will provide a lot of useful
    capacity for new projects and services!
  * We've been using puncture resistant bicycle tyres to reduce the
    number of inner tubes we've got through this year to somewhere close
    to zero!
  * We're appalled that the .org domain is being sold off by ICANN for
    megabucks to capitalists with a guaranteed 10% annual markup
    #savedotorg <>
  * We were able to attend 2 conferences on Internet Rights in 2019: IFF
    and RightsCon, thanks to METF funding from APC.


Claire moved on to Friends of the Earth in August, although she has
still been working with us as a freelancer on ongoing web projects

      Solstice Special Offer!

Our GreenCloud & OrgCloud services are built with the wonderful free &
open-source NextCloud tools, you can take control of your files, photos,
calendars and more, without sharing any data with dodgy corporations.
We're offering a 12 months for the price of 10 discount, we think that
would make an ideal gift for the little or big ones :-)

      Christmas Opening Hours

*The GreenNet office will be closed from 5.30pm on Monday 23rd December
2019 and will reopen fully on Thursday 2nd January 2020.

As always, we will be monitoring our servers throughout the festive
period. If you have an urgent query during this time, please send an
email to support at <maito:support at> or leave a
message on *0330 355 4011*. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Meanwhile don't forget to switch off your own devices (don't leave them
on standby) and have a lovely break!

        With all our best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday,

Andrew, Cedric, Ed, Howard, Ian, Liz and Marek

	Christmas tree

          GreenNet is the ethical Internet Service Provider that has
          been connecting people and groups who work for peace, the
          environment, gender equality and human rights since 1986.

We hope that you are happy to receive our newsletter. If not, simply
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GreenNet Winter Newsletter

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