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*Dear GreenNet friends,* 	
*December 2020*

This shocking year has been full of surprises and challenges, GreenNet
has been mostly operating from home, with regular visits to our office
at The Green House in London to pick up the post and water the plants,
and to see how our neighbours in the building have been coping with the

Our services are operating normally, GreenNet phones are diverting to
support staff, so please leave us a message if we don't pick up
immediately and we'll get back to you within 24 hours or sooner.

We've been continuing to look into ways to support our customers during
lockdown -

We hope that you'll be staying safe this season and will be making use
of GreenNet connectivity to keep in touch remotely. You can use our free
Jitsi video chat at

For Christmas opening hours please skip <#opening> to the end of this

      Latest Services Update - Faster Broadband

We can now offer SoGEA and Fibre To The Premises broadband services
for people who want fast broadband service but don't need landline
telephone service. SoGEA just requires a normal phone line to be
installed from your local street connection cabinet to your premises,
and then that phone line is used to provide fast broadband service
without any separate telephone line rental or phone service on the line.

If you want even faster broadband service, then in some locations we can
provide Fibre To The Premises service, which means fibre optic cables
that go right into your building. SoGEA and Fibre To The Premises
services are not available at all locations, so please contact us with
your address and postcode if you are interested in these broadband

      Web Projects

We've launched some amazing web projects in 2020 (and have some more in
the proverbial pipeline), such as:

  * The European network on Statelessness <>
  * The Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
  * The Institute for Employment Rights <>

These 3 have been collaborations with <>, you
can find out more about the projects at

      Ethical Consumer Week 2020 - Independent Internet Tools

This year we did a session at Ethical Consumer Week about escaping from
the corporate internet, you can watch the session here:

      GDPR bit

If you are on this mailing list you are an individual or organisation
GreenNet user or supporter, if you would like to check or amend your
details please let us know dpo at <mailto:dpo at>

      Christmas Opening Hours

*The GreenNet office will be closed from 5.30pm on Wednesday 23rd
December 2020 and will reopen fully on Monday 4th January 2021.*

As always, we will be monitoring our servers throughout the festive
period. If you have an urgent query during this time, please send an
email to support at <maito:support at> or leave a
message on *0330 355 4011*. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Meanwhile don't forget to switch off your own devices (don't leave them
on standby) and have a lovely break!

        With all our best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday,

Andrew, Cedric, Ed, Howard, Ian, Liz and Marek

	Christmas tree

          GreenNet is the ethical Internet Service Provider that has
          been connecting people and groups who work for peace, the
          environment, gender equality and human rights since 1986.

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GreenNet, The Green House, 244-254 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9DA.
Phone: 0330 355 4011 or +44 20 3559 6500
Email: info at <mailto:info at> Twitter: @GreenNetISP
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GreenNet Winter Newsletter
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