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*Dear GreenNet friends,* 	
*December 2022*

It's time for our annual GreenNet winter newsletter. We'd like to thank 
you for your support over the last year and wish you a very merry 
festive season. We've been busy this year, but if you just want to see 
when our office is closed for the holidays, please skip <#opening> to 
the end of this message.

      Welcome to GreenNet.Social!

We're pleased to announce that we have launched our own instance of 
Mastodon. It is federated with the wider Mastodon decentralised social 
network, and we're pleased to welcome GreenNet users to join us on this 
alternative to Twitter.

You can sign up for free at

You can also link <> with your 
twitter account using so you will be 
able to post to your old twitter account from mastodon and never log 
into corporate controlled social media ever again.


We at GreenNet add our voices to the urgent calls for Alaa Abd 
el-Fattah’s freedom. In happier days Alaa helped GreenNet on website 
projects, encouraging us to develop in Drupal. We’ve kept in contact 
with his family through APC while his mistreatment at the hands of the 
el-Sisi government (and previous governments) of Egypt has grown worse.

GreenNet collective members joined the vigils in London during and since 
COP27. We are also deeply concerned for the welfare of Alaa's sister 
Sanaa since she has bravely returned to Egypt during COP27, and for the 
thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Egypt.

Please support the campaign in any way you can at One easy action is to email your MP.

      Web Projects

  * Working with UNESCO, we built the online community for the UN
    Transforming Education Summit
  * We launched a design refresh for the Peace Pledge Union
    <>, working with Sarah Macbeth
    <>, in time for remembrance 2022
  * and we launched Stateless Journeys <>
    for ENS <>'s 2022 campaign,
  * we also put together the Positive Learning Toolkit
    <> with UNESCO's IIEP, working
    with Wave <>,
  * also collaborating with Wave <>, we built and
    launched the CNCA's Non-negotiable campaign
    <> website

Find out more about our web projects at

      GDPR bit

If you are on this mailing list you are an individual or organisation 
GreenNet user or supporter, if you would like to check or amend your 
details please let us know at dpo at

      Christmas Opening Hours

*The GreenNet office will be closed from 12.30pm on Friday 23rd December 
2022 and will reopen fully on Tuesday 3rd January 2023.*

As always, we will be monitoring our servers throughout the festive 
period. If you have an urgent query during this time, please send an 
email to support at <maito:support at> or leave a 
message on *0330 355 4011*. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Meanwhile don't forget to switch off your own devices (don't leave them 
on standby) and have a lovely break!

        With all our best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday,

Andrew, Cedric, Ed, Howard, Ian, Liz and Marek

	Christmas tree

          GreenNet is the ethical Internet Service Provider that has
          been connecting people and groups who work for peace, the
          environment, gender equality and human rights since 1986.

We hope that you are happy to receive our newsletter. If not, simply 
unsubscribe here 
<> and you will 
not receive it in future. Previous years' newsletters can be read here 

GreenNet, Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG, UK
Phone: 0330 355 4011 Email: info at Website:

GreenNet Winter Newsletter

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