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*Dear GreenNet friends,* 	
*December 2023*

It's time once again for our annual GreenNet winter newsletter. We'd 
like to thank new and longstanding GreenNet users for your support in 
2023 and wish you a very merry festive season.

We've been keeping busy this year as usual. In 2023 we welcomed new 
customers from Netuxo and Wave, and connected thousands of users in 
various ways - check the revived GreenNet in Numbers <#numbers> report 

If you just want to see when our office is closed for the holidays, 
please skip <#opening> to the end of this message.

      Mastodon at GreenNet.Social

GreenNet has launched a new free service for our network, Mastodon is 
afederated social network and anincreasingly popular open source 
alternative to Twitter/X,

Existing GreenNet customers are welcome to register (for free) at:

      Web Projects

We carried out several new projects and updates in 2023:

  * We worked with ActNowPNG on DDAWatch <>,
  * relaunched TAPOL <> in Drupal 10,
  * migrated Socialist International Women <>
    to WordPress,
  * AskSource <> was transferred to UCL GDI,
  * we built the Teacher Resource Centre
    <> for UNESCO Teacher Task Force,
  * transferred the UN TES community
    <> UNESCO SDG Secretariat,
  * and we rebuilt the Statue for Sylvia
    <> campaign website

... to name just a few, and we have some brilliant projects coming up 
next year, so please keep an eye out, and let us know if you'd like a 
shiny new website or have a great idea for an online project.

      The World in 2023

GreenNet is working with a few organisations that campaign for peace and 
understanding in these difficult times, and speaking with clear voices 
among the misinformation and disinformation.

Please support

  * Peace Pledge Union <>
  * Peace News
  * CAABU The Council for Arab British Understanding

      The UK Data Bill

The forthcoming Data Protection and Digital Information Bill will erode 
our rights to control our own data, GreenNet supports ORG's Hands Off 
our Data Campaign 

      Ethical Consumer, the Green Web Foundation and Oxford House

Our broadband and email services are still Ethical Consumer's best buys 

GreenNet's email and web servers are certified "Hosted Green" 
by the Green Web Foundation.

We have settled in to our new offices at Oxford House, and can highly 
recommend the OH Cafe <>.

      GreenNet in Numbers 2023

  * 3437 Active user accounts,
  * 499 Websites hosted
  * 1482 Active email accounts
  * 732 Active domain registrations
  * 184 Email lists
  * Approximately 2555 cups of coffee consumed

      GDPR bit

If you are on this mailing list you are an individual or organisation 
GreenNet user or supporter, if you would like to check or amend your 
details please let us know dpo at

      Christmas Opening Hours

*The GreenNet office will be closed from 5.30pm on Friday 22nd December 
until Tuesday 2nd January 2024.*

As always, we will be monitoring our servers throughout the festive 
period. If you have an urgent query during this time, please send an 
email to support at <maito:support at> or leave a 
message on *0330 355 4011*. We'll respond as soon as we can.

Meanwhile don't forget to switch off your own devices (don't leave them 
on standby) and have a lovely break!

        With all our best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday,

Andrew, Cedric, Ed, Howard, Ian, Liz and Marek

	Christmas tree

          GreenNet is the ethical Internet Service Provider that has
          been connecting people and groups who work for peace, the
          environment, gender equality and human rights since 1986.

If you do not wish to receive our newsletter simply unsubscribe here 
<>. Previous 
years' newsletters can be read here 

GreenNet, Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2 6HG.
Phone: 0330 355 4011 or +44 20 3559 4015
Email: info at Twitter: @GreenNetISP 
<> Website:

GreenNet Winter Newsletter 2023
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