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This issue:

This is the first AlterNet News I’ve edited, and I welcome any comments or 
criticisms. I hope that you will continue to find Alternet News interesting 
and worth a read.

Send items for inclusion, including a web link if possible, to 
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London Farmers' Markets (LFM) is a small company that exists to provide 
Londoners with fresh local food, and to provide farmers with a good return 
for their work. They manage every aspect of the markets from their 
conception to their daily running with producers all from within 100 miles 
of the M25. They have just built a new site, which includes a map of London 
detailing where and when the markets are.

For further information, contact info at lfm.org.uk
The site was designed by Gavin, an independent site designer, who can be 
contacted at gavin at dupee.net
--> www.lfm.org.uk

Kartoo.com is a new search engine that creates a flash driven map of sites 
relating to your search topic:
--> www.kartoo.com

Ability magazine, covering information on IT for disabled people and the wider
community of carers and organisations that support them, is now available
--> www.abilitymagazine.org.uk

Liftshare, the online car sharing site, has revamped their site allowing
easier registration of your journeys and finding of travelling companions with
whom to share your journey. The site also provides information about how
to set up your own car-sharing community, and is packed full of useful
travel information of every kind.
--> www.liftshare.com

BP are behind a proposed pipeline, set to run from Baku in Azerbaijan 
through Tbilisi in Georgia  to Ceyhan in Turkey. NGOs from the three 
countries concerned, plus their international supporters have raised a 
number of serious concerns. Following a visit to the UK by activists from 
the three countries in late October, UK groups have sent relevant UK 
ministers a memorandum outlining 10 sets of issues. Campaigners are 
requesting members of the public to join them in writing to decision-makers 
to stop the project entering the IFC's project approval process in 
December. If the project does get accepted for this next phase of IFC 
review this would mean that a final decision on backing for the project 
would be due in April 2003.
--> www.brettonwoodsproject.org/topic/privatesector/p31btcpipeline.html

Send an email to Clare Short by joining Friends of the Earth's online campaign:
--> www.foe.co.uk/campaigns/climate/press_for_change/baku_ceyhan/

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has another gaping security hole, this
time because of an ActiveX control with some bad code. But this latest 
hole, which also affects Microsoft's IIS Web server software, has an 
interesting new twist. Even if Microsoft's patch is applied to close the 
hole, an attacker can easily unpatch the patch.
Read more:
--> www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,56526,00.html?tw=wn_ascii

Brazilian mahogany has finally been listed as a priority species in need
of increased international protection - in an historic vote at the
Convention of the Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in Santiago, Chile.
This listing is an incredible victory for the species, the environment and
the people of the Amazon. The mahogany trade - notorious for illegality and
corruption - will now have to operate from sustainable and legal sources.
This listing will safeguard the market and protect consumers from illegal
mahogany products. Greenpeace sends their thanks to everyone who took part 
in their campaign, SOS Mahogany Alert!
More here:
--> www.saveordelete.com/news_press_santiago2.html

TechSoup asks: 'What is the best way for nonprofits to communicate online?'
Research shows that 97% of people online send emails, 51% use instant
messaging, and 27% use chat rooms. What does this mean for nonprofits that
want to reach people online?
Find out!
--> www.techsoup.org/techsoup.cfm?id=125

'Pretty Nasty - Phthalates in European Cosmetic Products', a report 
recently published by Women’s Environmental Network, UK, jointly with the 
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Health Care Without Harm, 
Europe, highlights tests on 34 top-selling cosmetics on sale in the UK & 
Sweden, which found phthalates in four out of five products. There is 
international concern that phthalates are a major pollutant and may 
threaten human fertility and reproductive health.
Read the report here:
--> www.wen.org.uk/health/currproj_health.htm
More information here:
--> www.gristmagazine.com/forward.pl?forward_id=718

The Community Media Association, which represents over 250 community-based 
media groups, has said improvements are needed, in its initial response to 
the Communications Bill.
Steve Buckley, Director of the CMA said:
"Despite evident and widespread demand for community media the Government 
has made few improvements beyond the tentative proposals set out two years 
ago in the Communications White Paper.
"The Government has congratulated itself on an extensive scrutiny process 
and the best of democratic debate but surely the point of the debate was to 
improve the quality of the outcome?
"The Communications Bill leaves much room for improvement."
The CMA has called for a strategic approach to community media development
Fore more information, email steve at commedia.org.uk, or visit
--> www.commedia.org.uk

Recently the Council of the European Union dispatched a questionnaire on 
traffic data retention asking Member States their opinion on the 
possibility of harmonising data
retention at the European level. It appears that member states’ governments 
are in favour of general surveillance once the "technicalities" were sorted 
Marco Cappato, Radical MEP of the Lista Bonino sees ‘EU ministerial offices 
prepare the ground for a EU legal basis to implement generalised and 
systematic surveillance of citizens' communications’

For more informatio email mcappato at europarl.eu.int
--> www.radicalparty.org

Daphne Lambert, chef/nutritionist, food writer and leading light at 
Penrhos, received the Best Organic Restaurant Award at the Dorchester 
Hotel, Hyde Park London last month, presented by Patrick Holden, Director 
of the Soil Association. Her aim for the future is to promote the 
fundamental link between organic food and health.
Daphne cooks daily in her restaurant and runs courses on healthy cooking, 
sports nutrition, women’s health, pregnancy and babycare. Her books are 
‘The Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook’ and ‘Little Red Gooseberries’ 
(Organic, seasonal recipes from Penrhos). She writes regular articles for 
health magazines and in 2001 she completed the Great Organic Bike Ride from 
Bilbao to Barcelona.

Further information about their courses, events and delicious recipes here:
--> www.greencuisine.org/

Resurgence are organising an essay competition around the topic: "Science 
and Spirituality - complementary or contradictory?" The winner will receive 
a £1,000 prize and the article will be published in Resurgence magazine, 
edited if necessary. The two runners-up will receive £250 each.
The competition is open to anyone and is free to enter. The closing date 
for entries is 31st December 2002

--> http://resurgence.gn.apc.org/ADMIN/essayrules.htm


The Centre for Human Ecology is organising a Fertile Ground Workshop, 
Saturday Nov. 30th, 9.30am-4.30pm.
The event will be held at the Centre for Human Ecology, 12a Roseneath 
Place, Edinburgh EH9.

The workshop is for anyone who is active in social and environmental action 
who is also curious about how their inner worlds mesh with their outer work.

Cost: £10, lots of concessions available. Further info. and booking from 
Tara O’Leary, 01316612447, tara at stara.co.uk

CND are bringing a court case against the government about the legality of 
going to war with Iraq. UN reports are backed up by non-government 
assessments which predict half a million Iraq causalities as a result of 
bombing and the infrastructural breakdown on an already impoverished and 
destitute nation. They need to raise funds to do this.
There is a benefit to raise cash for this fund happening on 3rd December 
2002 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London W1. Performing at this benefit will 
be Mark Thomas, Jeremy Hardy, Ahmid Dhjihi
Tickets can be bought by: Tel 020 7388 8822, e-mail: blooms.theatre at ucl.ac.uk
--> www.ucl.ac.uk/BloomsburyTheatre/frameset.html

PBI will be holding a fund-raising event on the eve of this important day, 
Monday December 9th, at the Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, N7 - 
nearest tube Finsbury Park. There will be a performance from the Alma 
Flamenco Company, music, food and a raffle. The event begins at 20.00. 
Doors open at 19.30.
Tickets cost £6.00, (£4.50 concs.)

Details from 020 7263 7265.
--> www.peacebrigades.org


A Seminar: “How UK foreign investment creates asylum seekers” will be held on
Sunday 8 December 2002, 13.00 - 18.00 at the Kurdish Community Center, 11 
Portland Gardens, London N4.

This is a public seminar with speakers from a number of asylum communities 
will tell their own stories as
to why they have been forced to flee their countries. The seminar will also 
explore how the UK Government supports human rights abuses through its 
investments overseas, the arms trade and government support for destructive 
infrastructure projects.

Email: ilisu at gn.gn.apc.org
--> www.ilisu.org.uk

Wednesday 11th December 2002
14.15 - 17.00
Privacy International have organised this event in association with Liberty 
& the Foundation for Information Policy research. It takes place at The Old 
Theatre, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
Admission to the meeting is free. To reserve a seat, please email 
london2002 at privacy.org or call 0207 955 6579
Media enquiries to 07947 778 247.

Further information here:
--> www.privacyinternational.org/conference/entitlement2002/

For more information about the Entitlement Card proposal see:
--> www.privacyinternational.org/issues/idcard/uk/


DFID's Gender and Development (GAD) small projects fund has just been launched.
"This fund supports projects that specifically target gender issues. These 
projects focus on gender and development and are intended to either add a 
gender dimension to an existing Higher Education Link or to stimulate 
interest in a gender area in a particular country to form the basis for 
future Higher Education links activity. These GAD projects can also be used 
to supplement existing main link activities, for example the wider 
dissemination of outputs that illustrate a gender dimension of a project".
--> www.britishcouncil.org/education/helinks/gender.htm

Rolex Awards For Enterprise
Rolex has announced the winners of the 2002 Rolex Awards for Enterprise. 
Established in 1976, this biennial programme provides substantial financial 
support to visionary individuals whose innovative projects have a positive 
impact on the surrounding community ... and the world.
More here:
--> www.rolexawards.com/awards/world.html


ECRA is seeking two highly motivated employees to join its thriving 
The post is largely voluntary, part time and office based. You would be 
required to assist with research for ECRA’s
consultancy service, corporate database and the influential
Ethical Consumer magazine. For an application pack call them on 0161 226 
2929, e-mail
Ruth at ethicalconsumer.org
--> www.ethicalconsumer.org

CAFOD is seeking a Head of Regions to help to shape effective regional 
strategy and planning. Salary: £31,895 to £34,895 p.a. An ideal candidate 
will have a mix of strategic leadership and management skills. Closing date 
for applications: 6th December 2002.
  --> www.gn.apc.org/www.cafod.org.uk/jobs/

Tibet Foundation is recruiting an experienced project manager for its 
Buddhism in Mongolia Programme. The position is based in Piccadilly, 
central London. Salary is around £18K. Closing date: 6th December 2002.
--> www.tibet-foundation.org/bimpm

CIVICUS are looking for a European Fundraising Manager. Based in London, 
the EFM would work to ensure that CIVICUS activities and infrastructure are 
properly funded and that CIVICUS pursues a coordinated approach to the 
diversification and growth of its funding base in Europe. Entails 
researching and developing relationships with prospective donors; writing 
grant proposals; meetings, presentations and liaison with funders, etc.
Contact CIVICUS - civicus.london at ncvo-vol.org.uk
--> www.comminit.com/vacancy1086.html


Justice can be neither defined nor achieved: it can only be pursued, by 
infinitely delicate adjustment of man to man in friendship. Its 
approximation is the state in which no man's will is imposed on another; 
where the whisper outcalls the shout; where the need of one is the need of 
all and strength is everyone's treasure. It is inseparable from kindness.

W E Bowman
--> www.rumdoodle.org.uk/

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