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WAR 'COULD KILL 500,000'/



This is the last AlterNet News I'll be editing, so I'd like to thank
readers for their support, encouragement and their news over the last four

It's been fascinating editing AlterNet News, and I hope you've enjoyed it
as much as I have. I've now started post-graduate research, so I'm working
part-time at GreenNet. You can get a feel of what I'm doing next from the
Eco-spirituality/Sacred Ecology section of The Green Fuse:


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The Right Livelihood Award honours and supports those who uphold the
principles of right livelihood. It has become widely known as the
'Alternative Nobel Prize' and there are now over 100 laureates from 48
--> www.rightlivelihood.org/

Women Living Under Muslim Laws is an international Network that provides
information, solidarity and support for all women whose lives are shaped,
conditioned or governed by laws and customs said to derive from Islam.
--> www.wluml.org/

EIN specialises in providing information on immigration and refugee law via
the Internet. It's increasingly hard to find the reliable information you
need - EIN keeps up with the pace of change:
--> www.ein.org.uk/

Women Living Under Muslim Laws and the new EIN site use ActionApps, the
innovative content management system created by the Association for
Progressive Communications:
--> www.gn.apc.org/services/webdesign.html



An estimated 35 million Bangladeshis regularly drink water from wells
contaminated by arsenic from underground sediments. Tens of thousands are
already suffering cancers and other symptoms of poisoning. Within a decade,
one-tenth of the deaths in much of the south of the country could be caused
by arsenic, according to forecasts by the World Health Organization.

UNICEF and other international agencies sank the wells across Bangladesh in
the 1970s and 1980s to end reliance on sewage-contaminated surface water.
After the danger of arsenic contamination emerged, agencies began testing
the water. "Safe" wells are painted green and "poisoned" wells red.

But the test kit proved inaccurate, so millions are drinking poisoned water
from wells that they have been assured are safe.

--> www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99993048



Favoured Outreach is a voluntary organisation set up 
specifically to support lone parents and their children. It will provide a 
forum where like minded lone parents can share experiences and solutions 
on how to tackle problems faced in their households and environment to 
promote a positive atmosphere for their children's future.

The Group is based on the Mildmay Estate in Islington, London, and will be 
inaugurated on 25 November 2002.

Contact Henzy Tanrien, Angel160570 at aol.com for further details



On December 10th, people all over the world will be celebrating
International Human Rights Day. Peace Brigades International (PBI) will be
marking this important day by hosting an exciting fundraising concert on
the evening before - Monday December 9th.

PBI aim to offer a message of hope: that even at a time when human rights
are under threat the world over, we can and do make a difference. PBI helps
to defend human rights groups and individual workers in countries where
freedoms and lives are threatened.

The concert includes the stunning Alma Flamenco Company, featuring Felipe
de Algeciras. This wonderful opportunity is not to be missed!

The venue has a fully licensed bar till 11.00 and food will be on sale.

Doors open at 7.30.
Venue: The Red Rose Club, 129 Seven Sisters Road, London N7 

Tickets cost: £6.00, £4.50 concessions. These can be bought by phoning PBI
on 7281 5370 or e-mail pbibritain at gn.apc.org.

--> www.peacebrigades.org/britain/ukwhatsnew.html


WAR 'COULD KILL 500,000'

Medical experts warn that a war leading to the taking of Baghdad would
cause massive casualties - mostly civilian.

The 'Collateral Damage' report claims that 260,000 could die in the
conflict and its three-month aftermath, with a further 200,000 at risk in
the longer term from famine and disease. A civil war in Iraq could add
another 20,000 deaths.

The report has been compiled by Medact, an organisation of British health

General Pete Gration, former Chief of the Australian Defence Forces said: 
"This is no exaggerated tract by a bunch of zealots. It is a coldly factual
report by health professionals who draw on the best evidence available."

Full story:
--> www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99993043

--> www.medact.org



Scientists and theologians have locked horns for centuries. But
there's a growing sense that the disciplines don't have to be mutually

Allan Sandage, one of the world's leading astronomers, has declared that
the big bang can be understood only as a "miracle." Charles Townes, a
Nobel-winning physicist, has said that discoveries of physics "seem to
reflect intelligence at work in natural law." And biologist Francis
Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, insists
that "a lot of scientists really don't know what they are missing by not

exploring their spiritual feelings."

Wired News:
--> www.wired.com/wired/archive/10.12/convergence.html

Meanwhile, Ray Kurzweil's new book, 'The Intelligent Universe', claims that
everything has been set up so that we can use our intelligence to talk
about the universe.

He foresees an amazing future for human intelligence:

'The paradigm shift rate itself is accelerating, and roughly doubling every
decade...At today's rate of progress, we'll make the same amount of
progress as what occurred in the 20th century in 14 years, and then again
in 7 years."

The Intelligent Universe:
--> www.edge.org/3rd_culture/kurzweil02/kurzweil02_p2.html



A U.N. body has backed safeguards to protect bears
from a gruesome practice under which they are kept in tiny
cages and milked for bile from gaping wounds.

U.N. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
(CITES) ordered countries to report by next year on steps
they are taking to clamp down on the illegal trade in bear
bile and other bear parts.



Background on the bear trade:




'No War on Iraq - Close the Base.'

The Menwith Hill women's protest starts on Thursday 12th December and
continues with an 'Embrace the Base' protest followed by a blockade on
Friday 13th.

Menwith Hill is the biggest US military spy base in the world and is
central to US military operations, gathering and relaying military
intelligence. It will play a critical role in a second war against Iraq.

This protest is to bring women together against war and to celebrate and
encourage the contribution that women make to the peace movement.

Transport from London is available for 12th December. A coach is leaving
Embankment tube at 7.30am and returning approximately 9.00pm. Seat prices
are £25 or £15 unwaged/student/pensioner. 

If you would like to book a place e-mail sophiebolt at hotmail.com.
Cheques should be made payable to LRCND and posted to London Region CND,
162 Holloway Road, London N7 8DQ



Autism London in association with the photographer Emma Blau have completed
a project in which adults with high functioning autism and Asperger's
syndrome were provided with cameras and asked to take photos of what holds
value to them in their lives and/or how they perceive the world around them.

The exhibition of the project work runs until 23 November from 10.00am to
6.00pm excluding Sundays at:
The Menier Chocolate Factory, 51/53 Southwark Street, London SE1
Nearest tube/train: London Bridge and Borough

The entrance for the exhibition is on O'Meara Street




'Riding the Dragon' is a new book highlighting the abuses that Shell oil
company have committed. 'Riding The Dragon' challenges Shell to lead the

way to a new era of safe, renewable energy, forming a working partnership
with communities, labour, and investors to build a new kind of
socially-responsible business institution for the 21st century.

--> www.shellfacts.com



BT Community Connections is an award scheme that connects community groups
across the UK to the Internet.

The award, worth approximately £1,000, consists of an NEC multi-media PC
and a contribution towards 12 month's Internet subscription.

Application Closing Date - 28 February 2003

--> www.btcommunityconnections.com/awards.htm



'Sudden oak death' is new disease which has sparked fears that the English
oak may be wiped out in Britain. The government has banned plant imports
from parts of America where the disease is rampant.

The alarm was first raised in the US where oaks have been dying in their
thousands over the last two years.

Roddie Burgess, head of plant health at the US Forestry Commission, said
"We do not know how great the threat is but there is a severe mortality
rate among American oaks. It is possible that English oaks may have
resistance but we just do not know."

The first UK outbreak was found in April 2002 in England. Since then, the
organism has been found at 17 horticultural premises in Scotland and 110 in
England and Wales. As yet, thankfully, it has not been found affecting UK

The Dragon Environmental Network is calling for 'eco-magic work' to try to
stop the disease spreading:

--> www.dragon.gn.apc.org/sodfr.htm



Human Rights Campaigner

A group of London-based NGOs are looking for a human rights campaigner to
work with us on a campaign relating to proposed reforms to the European
Court of Human Rights.

We seek a dynamic, self-motivated person who is committed to working for
the protection of human rights of all persons, for approximately 2 days a
week from now to April 2003 in London.

Please send letters of interest including a CV to Anke Stock, Legal
Officer, Kurdish Human Rights Project. E-mail: astock at khrp.demon.co.uk by
22 November 2002. Interviews will be held the following week.

See full details before applying:
--> www.khrp.org/employ/voluntary.htm



Environmentjob.co.uk provides a database of jobs and volunteering
opportunities in  the environmental sector:
--> www.environmentjob.co.uk/

Idealist allows you to search or browse through over 29,000 nonprofit and
community organizations in 153 countries.

The site also has thousands of volunteer opportunities and hundreds of job
and internship listings.

Organizations can use the site to post job openings, volunteer
opportunities, events, internships, campaigns, and resources. Idealist has
over 70,000 subscribers around the world, as well as thousands of people
visiting the Idealist site daily.

--> www.idealist.org/



'He who binds to himself a joy,
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sunrise.

William Blake



Every Thursday:
Cafe Ramallah at The Lido, London Fields, Hackney.
Benefit for the International Solidarity Movement to send internationals to
Palestine in solidarity with the palestinian struggle. Contact
emjpal at yahoo.com. Food 8pm-ish

Free yoga classes - Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 at 62 Fieldgate St. E-mail:
radicalyoga at clara.co.uk

Radical Dairy Social Centre, 47 Kynaston Road, Stoke Newington, London N16.
Tel: 020 7249 6996
Events 16/06 - 22/06
Sunday: 2.00pm DJ's + Food[BBQ]+ Drink 
Monday: 3.30pm - 5.00pm Yoga, 7.00pm Cafe, 8.00pm Political Discussion Group
Tuesday: 7.30pm Meeting of the Social Centres Network
Wednesday: 4.00pm Aromatherapy Massages, 8.00pm Women's Caff and cabaret 
Thursday: 8.00pm Radical Dairy meeting
Friday: 8.00pm Cafe + Acoustic Music [Bring instruments]
Saturday: Social   

Walk in Peace for Peace
Every first Sunday of the month. Meet at Speakers’ Corner (by Park Café),
Hyde Park 10.45am for 11am. The walk will take about an hour.
If you arrive a bit late don’t worry, you’ll see the Walk on ‘Broad Walk’
going south from Speakers’ Corner.
Enquiries: Clare Brunt 020 8755 0353

The Campaign for Co-operative Socialism Campaign meet at The Global Cafe in
London's Golden Square every Wednesday from 11-1:
--> www.cooperative-socialism.org/


Anti-Capitalist Social Night, 9pm upstairs at the Princess Louise,
208-209 High Holborn, London. 
Call 07944 586416 or see www.temporary.org.uk

Sweatshops, Globalisation and International Solidarity.
Conference to bring together campaigners and campaigns from the
anti-sweatshop movement. 12-6pm, School of Oriental and African Studies,
London. £5.
--> www.nosweat.org.uk

Week of action against Newchurch Guinea Pigs (who breed them for vivisection)
--> www.guineapigs.org.uk

Human Rights Watch present a panel discussion on the Chechen conflict
featuring Anna Politkovskaya, a distinguished Russian journalist who has
never feared to speak out on the atrocities of the Chechen war despite this
having led to her detention by Russian troops in Chechnya.
Venue: Geary Lecture Theatre, Centenary Building, City University, Spencer
St, EC1V 0HB. E-mail: iveyj at hrw.org

Anti-trafficking legislation: protection or deportation?  The truth behind
the headlines. 5-8pm
Self-help legal workshop from Legal Action for Women
230A Kentish Town Road London NW5 2AB
E-mail: law at crossroadswomen.net

Breastfeeding - our human right to the best: how to defend the
International WHO Code to control the marketing of formula and the ILO
Maternity Protection Convention. 2-5pm.
230A Kentish Town Road London NW5 2AB
Self-help legal workshop from Legal Action for Women. 
E-mail: law at crossroadswomen.net

Followed by launch of 'The Milk of Human Kindness - Defending breastfeeding
from the global market & the AIDS industry' Owl Bookshop,  207 Kentish Town

Road 6-8pm.



10th Anniversary Celebrations of Kurdish Human Rights Project
with lecture by Noam Chomsky at St Pauls Cathedral details from KHRP:
--> www.khrp.org/homeenglish.htm


Community care: a social entitlement or an individual expense?
12-3pm.  Sign language interpreter TBC
Self-help legal workshop from Legal Action for Women
230A Kentish Town Road London NW5 2AB
E-mail: law at crossroadswomen.net

More Diary Dates on GreenNet:

--> webboard.gn.apc.org:8086/default/


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