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Jon Hallé jonhalle at lowimpact.com
Tue Apr 6 10:23:28 BST 1999

The Land Is Ours activists, local residents and many others have taken up
occupation on St George's Hill in Surrey!

We have made an ecovillage amongst the mansions and will stay put until it
is possible for people from near and far to have public access to the Hill
to see the stone we carted up it, commemorating the group who in 1649 made
the first great stand against enclosure and landlordism in UK history.

The site is not only a protest, it is also a celebration of the positive
energy and practicality of a movement that will not lie down.

Please come and join us during the week or at the weekend.

camp mobile: 0961 460171
oxford contact: jon halle: 01865 432920

to get to the camp, go to weybridge station and follow the road along the
railway line on the South side. After about a kilometre you reach a major
t-junction. Turn right and then again right into Old Avenue. The camp is
abut a mile up Old Avenue, which becomes private halfway along. Smile at the
security guards as you pass please, they only get a pittance...

More information up to date:


yours all,

jon halle

Jon Halle

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