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DICTATED AT 13.55 ON 4 APRIL 1999 

300 Diggers reposess St George's Hill

On Saturday 3rd April 1999, 300 activists marched to St
George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey to erect a memorial stone to
The Diggers, 350 years after the initial occupation of this
once common land. Following the rally to the original Diggers
site, the activists marched to a nearby part of the hill to
establish a communal settlement in the spirit of the original
Diggers.  The activists have been negotiating with Saint
George's Hill residents association, Saint George's Hill Golf
Club and North Surrey Water (alleged land owners) in their aim
to erect a memorial stone to commemorate the 350th anniversary
of the historic Diggers encampment.

The handcrafted memorial stone has been temporarily erected on
the newly occupied site and activists have pledged to stay
until a permanent and publically accessible home has been
agreed and established.

The activists have recently become aware that in 1952 land
elsewhere on the hill was donated to Elmbridge Council with
public right of way. However public access to this land has not
been secured. Activists are also questioning the legalities of
original enclosures of common land on Saint George's Hill and

Contact: Tony Gosling or Annie Merry 0961 460171.

Background info: www.tlio.demon.co.uk/diggers.htm

There is an acre of land for everyone in Britain. Millions of
homeless, tenants and mortgagees still struggle while the
priviliged 'own' more 'stolen' land than they could ever use.
The Diggers are committed to changing this.

"For action is the life of all, and if thou doest not act, thou
doest nothing' -- Gerrard Winstaley, 1649.

DICTATED AT 19.18 ON 4 APRIL 1999:

A meeting was held this afternoon with Mr Newberry from the
residents association and a representative of the landowners,
North Surrey Water. As a result, North Surrey Water agreed to
donate an appropriate site on the hill for the memorial stone,
subject to access details being finalised with the residents
association. North Surrey Water have accepted the historical
importance of this occupation.




Surrey Police are investigating an unprovoked assault that took
place at the Diggers' encampment on the St George's Hill estate.

The incident happened around 4pm on Monday April 5th at the
entrance to the camp. A man known to be a local resident got
out of a black four-wheel drive vehicle and attempted to remove
some information boards at the gate. Mark Brown from the
Diggers camp asked him to stop, and was punched in the face and
knocked to the ground. The man then climbed back into the
vehicle and reversed at high speed towards a group of people by
the entrance to the site. No-one was injured by the vehicle.

This incident is reminiscent of events 350 years earlier when
the original Diggers were attacked by elements of the local

Mr Brown said: "We are here in the spirit of the Diggers but I
never expected history to be repeating itsel so literally."

The camp welcomes visitors. Many local residents have visited
and are supportive but this is the only incident of this type.

Witnesses to the incident included former residents of the
estate Dr Mario Capozzi and Heather Kershaw, now living in
Weybridge [phone number 01932 859553]. Further details can be
obtained from the camp.

Camp contacts: Tony Gosling or Annie Merry 0961 460171.

Background info: www.tlio.demon.co.uk/diggers.htm or www.oneworld.org/tlio



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