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Eric Sommer eric at stewards.net
Thu Apr 8 12:29:15 BST 1999

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Hi there,

Greetings of solidarity to the stalwarts occupying Saint George's Hill.
Someday the common people must have full possession of the Hill and its
surrounding environs.  With God's help it shall be done!

Winstanely lives!

Eric Sommer,
For the Stewards movement of poor and working people

>The Diggers occupying land on Saint George's Hill today released their
formal access proposals for the estate -- just as they were served an
eviction notice. 
>The Diggers proposals include the establishment of a permanent home for the
Diggers' memorial stone and guaranteed public access to the hill. They also
provide for the formulation of a management plan for the site. 
>Access rights on Saint George's Hill are under threat and the Diggers want
rights of way established before the hill is closed off to the public for
good. There will be an open day at the occupied site on Sunday, during which
local residents will be invited to comment on these proposals. As the
Diggers have now been served with an eviction notice, this may well be the
last opportunity for local residents to see the hand-sculpted stone in place
on Saint George's Hill.  
>The open day will feature interactive drama, story-telling and music around
the campfire, Diggers soup and other vegetarian food, wicker-weaving, games
and face painting. There will be a children's play area and a discussion
about the original Diggers 350 years ago.
>"To make the present site of the memorial stone off Old Avenue a permanent
monument to Gerrard Winstanley and the Diggers, with guaranteed public
rights of way to the site and on the hill, subject to the agreement of a
suitable management plan. This plan should take account of: security of the
stone, serenity of the site, planting of vegetables and flowers, wildlife
and conservation, information boards and disabled access. 
>The Diggers will leave when agreement has been reached on these proposals
with local residents, land owners North Surrey Water, Saint George's Hill
residents' association and the local council." 
>1) The open day will be held at the Diggers site on Old Avenue, Saint
George's Hill, Weybridge, Surrey on Sunday 11th April 1999 from 2.30 until
7pm. The site is approximately one mile from Weybridge railway station.
Drivers are requested to leave their vehicles on Old Avenue outside the
security gates and walk to the community, which is approximately half-a-mile
up Old Avenue. 
>2) Eviction notice -- The originating summons served at 7.15am on Thursday
8th April by agents for the North Surrey Water Company, whose land the
Diggers are allegedly occupying, will be heard in the Chancery Division of
the High Court in The Strand on Tuesday 13th April at 10.15am. 

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