[diggers350] Re: re threats

alexandra plows sop04a at bangor.ac.uk
Thu Apr 8 11:31:01 BST 1999

its probably easier to just ignore this sort of shite, why 
waste your time?!- the sooner i can go offline and out into 
lovely april weather the better, so why waste time on 
dickhead ignorant rantings? anyone with any sense will 
discredit it- and trying rational argument with people like 
thatis like smashing your head against a brick wall.
sorry i missed the st georges hill action, i really wanted 
to come but stuff got in the way. i'd love to hear some 
info about how its gone/going???
love alex xxxx
On Thu, 8 Apr 1999 12:22:17 +0100 Alan Lodge 
<tash at gn.apc.org> wrote:

> Where the hell is this from.  Let me at them.  Worthless lives, lazy, 
> naive, stupid, understanding,  warning etc...!  Is this gezzer related to 
> Parson Platt?
> Policemen are sometimes interested in threats.
> Perhaps you would be kind enough to identify yourself.
> Regards
> Tash.
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> Subject:	[diggers350] St. George's Hill
> For a lazy bunch of academic (well some of you at least) left-wing
> radicals - you are really quite stupid or naive (or maybe both). One
> would have thought that if you had read your history and UNDERSTOOD it
> - what happened 350 years ago stands as a warning to you. Now 350 years
> after a mad Jew led another band of morons (and yes, William Everard
> was the person solely responsible for the original occupation), your
> leaders have decided that this would be a "good" thing to re-enact.
> What they have done is to lead you into encroaching upon the enclave of
> a very small minority of powerful individuals (and the word "powerful"
> - is used in the sense that most of you are clearly incapable of even
> imagining). These people have only got where they have in life and
> society by NEVER doing anything within the law. Aren't you wondering
> yet about the residents who APPEAR to have NO INTEREST in you
> whatsoever ??? - you should be. Some of these people do things for a
> living (and sometimes just for the sheer hell of it) that you only see
> on a Hollywood movie, or occasionally read about in the newspapers.
> These people are neither worried or intimidated by your kind - but they
> ARE pissed!
> For the first time in your stupid  worthless lives you may of bitten
> off here a little more than you can chew. They know who ALL of you are
> - Tony, Annie, Jon, Eric, Steve and even you Dave (who clearly ate one
> too many big-macs when he worked there !) - and you all  should NOT be
> sleeping very soundly at the moment. The only hole you "diggers" are
> digging at the moment is the one that you are digging yourselves into.
> This note to you all is not a joke - you REALLY do need to be seriously
> concerned - especially those of you with families on site. Never mind
> about your "negotiations" with Mr. Newberry - once you leave here, you
> will NEVER be allowed to assemble en-mass on this estate again. Those
> of you who are "in charge" of affairs in this "camp" need to have a
> long hard think about your responsibility to those you have led into
> this act of insurgence. This is your ONLY warning.
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alexandra plows
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