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Fri Aug 20 04:01:40 BST 1999

Gavin Parker wrote:
> A softly, softly approach can assist a full on approach - I think we
> need to make sure that we fight on all fronts.

How about, first we establish in court that landowners are a
group of individuals deluded into thinking they can hog up
our common space rent free, who have no actual land rights
whatsoever. They might be entitled to compensation, but that
is irrelevant until the principle is established as a human
right to share the land or be suitably compensated for being
deprived of it.

Then, we decide to fall back from our perfect moral right to
tear up their titles and introduce it by a gradual
transition which is kind to landowners. Homeowners will
always own their houses outright, but the land they are on
will one day be common property so house owners will have to
pay an annual rent instead of council tax.

Stephen Bint

I am English and I want less


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