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Hello all,

What's this about the abolition of feudalism ?  Ed mentioned it in relation to some legislation north of the border, and I think I read it somewhere else also.  At the risk of sounding foolish, I dont think feudalism has ever been abolished anywhere in the UK. The demise of feudalism was one of the biggest lies they taught us when we were educated. 

At the end of the day , there are no watersheds that separate the various ages of humankind. Landownership equals power so long as the government recognises that ownership, that power is amongst other things the power to enslave a people . I could give numerous examples to back up my paradigm that feudalism is alive and kicking, but one that springs to mind is the fox hunting debate (one I usually shy away from) . They got a quarter of a million people on to the streets of London to defend this barbaric ritual. One of the strongest arguments being used by the pro hunting lobby is the loss of rural jobs in the event of abolition. So all these people who otherwise remain politically inactive are on the streets to defend the rights of their feudal lords and keeping themselves enslaved. Crazy world!!!


Hengist McStone

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