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Howdy from the Earth First! journal. Nice article . Do you have pictures?
If so we would love to see them. we need at least 200 dpi. Thanks, Kris

>Trident Warhead Convoy Stopped by Protesters in Scotland
>A convoy delivering Trident nuclear warheads to the Submarine bases on the
>Clyde, on the day of the opening of the Scottish Parliament(YAWN) was
>disrupted by protesters on the Stirling to Balloch  road at  Buchlyvie.
>Local people from Buchlyvie  village came out of their houses in support of
>the  protest. The anti-nuclear protesters, mostly from  the Faslane Peace
>Camp, had been spotted and police presence was massive. Nevertheless, the
>well practiced Paddy, on his first Teknopunx action, leapt out of the
>Tekmobile, resplendant in his sexyier than the sexiest shades you've ever
>seen (STYLE, man,REAL STYLE) and Si, who'd been hiding behind bushes out of
>sight for hours after the Protesters were first spotted and the police
>backup had arrived, sprang a surprise Kamakazi launch into the road and
>stopped the convoy. Meanwhile, at the back end of the convoy the rest of the
>TeknoPunx, Banners, Aaron and Dani (also on his 1st Tekno Punx action, with
>sexy shades) sprinted up the road  and as the police began to give chase
>Aaron leapt at Teknospeed straight between the wheels of a huge war-truck
>and Death Dived under it, causing a police range rover to skid en route,
>Dani dived under the first carrier, but 5 coppers dragged him out after
>about 5 minutes panic.11 arrests later the convoy, which had left AWE
>Burghfield near Reading  on Tuesday continued on its evil way towards
>Billy Woolfe, member of SNP executive (and former Chairman) said: “Sending
>these nuclear weapons up  here to Scotland on the day of the opening of the
>Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh is rubbing our noses  in it because the
>parliament has no power to do anything about Trident even though the
>majority  here don’t want it. I feel its more important to be  out tracking
>Trident across the country and  registering my protest than to be in
>Meanwhile at RNAD Coulport, the convoy’s  destination, Trident Ploughshares
>activist Ian  Thomson was arrested this afternoon. He choose to  mark the
>opening of the Parliament by beginning  work on dismantling the Trident
>nuclear weapons  store. His last words to the TeknoPunx, when they bumped
>into him at the Peacecamp, were "I'm off to commemorate The opening of the
>Scottish Parliament with an independant action of my own-see you later in
>the cells!"
>Those arrested were TeknoPunx Paddy, Aaron and Dani, Faslane Peacecampers
>Submarine Steve, Professor Dave and Jimmy, along with Puck, Kreb
>DragonSlayer, Emma and Marylin. They were originally destined to be held
>overnight, but couldn't take more than 6 hours of Steve, Paddy, Jimmy, Dani
>and Aarons renditions of musical diversions ranging from "Please release me"
>to Tibetan chanting "Shut the Fuck up" and "YER MAW" Congratulations to
>Aaron for the dramatic serious injuries impersonation he gave falling off
>his bed in the cells from the phenominal height of 2 inches off the ground!
>There was a minor transport problem for an hour after they were released
>just before midnight, which gave them the opportunity to dance and party in
>the Stirling Police station car park, to the sexy sounds blasting from the
>Tekmobile sound system, lubricated by Special Brew, there were only 3
>complaints from the local residents about the noise, but the police were
>reluctant to re-arrest any of the partiers who eventually turned the music
>down shortly before the CND van finally turned up to transport the revellers
>back to the Peacecamp, where a bottle of vodka later Puck had to carry  a
>comatose Submarine Steve to bed. And about time that man had a bit of fun
>after caretaking the camp on his lonesome while everyone else fcuked off!!.
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