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Rory Kett kett99 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 15 14:52:29 BST 1999

Kett camp, David Rice Hospital, Drayton High Road, Drayton, Norwich.
Camp Mobile 0961 460 171

So far we havn't recieved a court summons from the NHS trust which claims to 
'own' the site.

Quite a bit of good regional media coverage for TLIO.

Chestnut tree planted and work started on marble memorial to Robert Kett and 
the thousands killed resisting loss of commons.

Good local support for our action.

Have done some clearing of vandalism debris from buildings on site.

weather good, come down and get a tan!!!

Objectives achieved...
Commerate Kett...Done
Create arena for public debate of issues re land use...Done
Have a memorial...Done
Let people know TLIO Norfolk exists...Done
Act as catalyst and focus for locals...Done

Even if we are evicted soon we can say this has been worth the effort, also 
got some good leads on useful tat for further TLIO actions.

Other events and bits of info:
Local police asked us to keep eye on neighbouring land.
Police handed over side handled batton to one activist other night???
'Common Lot' theater group coming to site on Saturday 17th they say it's 
best thing happening in Norwich.
Someone from BBC 2 coming to make documentary at weekend.
Public meeting re site organised & 'open day' with display boards etc.
Increasing offers of help from locals.
1st letter of support in local papers today.

Apologies for spelling but as I'm sure you'll appreciate we've been working 
like crazy here and so head not too clear at present.

Rory Bowskill, Norfolk TLIO.



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