[diggers350] How to switch to common ownership

Stephen Bint digger at barrysworld.co.uk
Thu Jul 15 18:01:32 BST 1999

I am keen to start a national discussion of the end of feudalism. That would
involve discussing the advantages of ending it, the way of ending it and how the
money should be shared.

I find that most people drop the ball when they say, “landowners would never let
us have it back and they are so powerful and we are just the sheep.” What
nonsense. Whose army is it? The fact that powerful people will be inconvenienced
be nationalising the land, does not make it so impossible there is no point
discussing it!

Because most potential allies become limp at this subject, I am putting the ways
of achieving common ownership to the top of the list. Would you mind helping me,
by sending me any ideas about ways of getting it back which I haven’t thought
of? Here are a few I have come up with:

1. We could do a ‘Thatcher’ on the landowners. A ‘Thatcher’ is a large-scale
police operation in which the target citizens have their homes destroyed, are
beaten bloody in front of their children and dragged off to cells on trumped-up
charges which can later be thrown out of court. There is no legal impediment to
doing this to the landowners because the state’s right to do that to its
citizens has been established by the Thatcher government at Stonehenge in 1985.

2. We could convert all permanent land titles to 200-year leases.

3. We could announce the nationalisation of the land, 100 years in advance. All
current landowners would be dead by the time it actually occurs and anyone
purchasing land after the announcement would pay less for it, knowing it was

4. We could announce a referendum to take place in 100 years time, on whether it
will be nationalised. This is the same as (3), only it is not finally decided
whether it will actually happen.

5.  We could buy it back in forced sales, effectively getting it at a discount.

6. We could all pull together and buy it back for the full asking price.

So you see, it isn’t impossible, it’s just something to discuss. I welcome your
comments and suggestions, because I am working on the problem of ending
feudalism all on my own, with no feedback and I am flagging now. Does anyone
beside me think it is worth discussing?


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