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Ive just subscribed and thought I'd write with my most relevant thought. (Perhaps I should call it thought of the week ??!!! Oh no !!)

Squatting was in the news big time this week, on  wednesday (or was it thursday I don't know I didn't actually buy the paper) the Sun did a shop-a-squatter hotline . Firstly this shit is highly offensive, they're asking people to phone the paper (ie act) yet over something that is neither immoral nor illegal. They are breaking their journalistic ethics so they can impose upon the privacy of individuals.

It has occurred to me that the best thing I could do would be to ignore the Sun's importunings, but I do know of somebody squatting a publicly owned building and imposing his every whim and will upon society . In fact the whole street has been taken over and a giant iron barricade was put up by the last incumbent but one. 

Since I don't recall the Sun's hotline phone no and to disclose the full address of this unsociable git (ok . let's just call him Mr Blair) would be to participate in a wholly crap thing to do all I can say is wouldn't it be good if we could get the might of the press to evicting this megalomaniac. Incidentally he could be part of a clique ,  one of Blair's buddies got a place (on similar rent free terms) and promptly spent more on wallpaper than it would cost to build a semi in the suburbs. Are these people really the people's party ? Don't make me laugh.


Hengist McStone 

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