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I'm kind of jumping into the middle of this debate so excuse me if I've missed a point. The question is I think 'should private land ownership be abolished ?'

My basic position is that all land is sacred  (but some portions of land are more sacred than others). Land ownership must somehow be connected or equated with what we call civilization. 

The point that I'm trying to make is that the assumption that private land ownership is somehow the beast we should be excising could well be wrong. Public land ownership is often a far worse thing. That is because the will of the public is corrupted by the powerful. The millenium dome , or new roads are salient examples. Near me, (and you if in the UK) is an RAF base where nuclear missiles are kept to wage war on unidentifiable foreign enemies. To all intents and purposes the land where this goes on is in 'public ownership' . 
Surely ownership of land means a duty of care for that land. Not altogether a bad thing, so long as that caveat is observed. Sadly it's widely abused by that very same thing 'civilization' in my opinion.


Hengist McStone

Ps if anybody has any definition of civilization I'd like to hear it.

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