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Zoe.Young Zoe.Young at geo.hull.ac.uk
Tue Jun 29 13:51:27 BST 1999

yo to,

good to see your demands set out so clear!

and yes ta for the hicks thing, sorry not to respond 
earlier in thanks, guess it doesn't make me get all excited 
like you maybe? i do see the appeal but

anyway, have a good solstice, j18? on for a groovy summer? 
sorry i missed yer chat at glastonbury..,. how'd it go?



On Tue, 29 Jun 1999 13:16:05 +0100 Tony Gosling 
<tony at gaia.org> wrote:

> A Plain Statement of Requests and Demands
> In around 1470 the landowners of Norfolk, finding greater profit in
> breeding sheep and cattle than in the small holdings of peasants, began to
> seize the fields which from time immemorial had been cultivated by the
> country people in common, and to evict whole parishes by pulling down all
> the dwelling places. For eighty long years these clearances continued
> unchallenged, until the summer of 1549, when Robert Ket organized the
> Norfolk Rising, the only strong movement to prevent the utter downfall of
> the working people of the country.
> The rising failed in the end, but for more than six weeks the power of the
> landlords was broken around Norwich, their enclosures were stopped, and the
> hope of better things filled the hearts of the people.
> In the week between 12th and 19th July 1549, 20,000 men were gathered at a
> camp on Mousehold Heath, where under a great tree, the Oak of Reformation,
> Robert Ket and his brother William sat administering justice. It was from
> here that Ket prepared a plain statement of "Requests and Demands", a list
> of twenty-nine grievances, to be sent to the king. He knew what was wanted
> for rural England, and refused to admit that his purpose was disloyal or
> his conduct rebellion.
> Here, now, 450 years later, Ket's Rising has returned, and those assembled
> now issue their own new set of twenty-nine requests and demands for rural
> England:
> We demand:
> No more "keep out - private property" signs
> An end to all forelock-tugging
> Social housing not luxury housing
> No more golf courses for the few
> To no longer be "trespassers in the land of our birth"
> Land for people instead of GM deserts
> Freedom to roam over uncultivated land, not herding into "country parks"
> Village stores, not out-of-town superstores
> The freedom to open gates, the responsibility to close them again afterwards
> No littering of the land and sea (Sellafield take note)
> Stop dogs worrying sheep and foxes
> The right to take the road less travelled
> The protection and promotion of allotments
> The use of inner city land to house the homeless, not for executive flats
> Turning derelict land in cities into community gardens
> Sustainable human settlements
> Access to land for everyday recreation
> Hedgerows, not monoculture prairies
> People before cars
> People before minerals
> Gatherings, not aggregates
> Trees before tarmac
> Reclaim the streets
> Defence of council housing
> And end to harassment of travellers and canal dwellers
> Work on the land, not macjobs
> Experience, not consumption
> Refugees' right to return
> The land is ours, and we demand access for everyone, irrespective of race,
> age or gender
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