[diggers350] True Leveler Action at America's symbolic center

Arthur Lisch winstanley1648 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 22:33:44 GMT 1999

There is an original symbolic center of America marked by the Jefferson
Stone where the North/South line from the center of the White House (the
original U.S. meridian) and the East/West line from the center of the
Capitol intersect.  It was to have been the site for the Obelisk
honoring George Washington but it was too heavy and the Earth would not
support it.  It was put of center.  The original center stands
neglected.  It has been being revived since 1988 in a True Leveler
action (connecting to S.F. digger deeds).  There will be an inauguration
of the resurrected site in the Autumn of 2000.  I see this being
associated with the stone on St. George's Hill.  Let's communicate!  
Arthur Lisch

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