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Tue May 11 23:02:34 BST 1999

Dear "new Diggers",
Radio Quer, a free non-commercial radio in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, will be on air from 13th to 24th May 1999. We hope to get a more permanent licence later.
Our programme will include a broadcast commemorating the birth of the Digger movement 350 years ago.
We will conduct an interview with an author living in Mainz who published a book on the Diggers in 1987. (= Gernot Lennert: Die Diggers. Eine frühkommunistische Bewegung in der Englischen Revolution. Trotzdem-Verlag, Grafenau 1987. out of print now, but new improved edition in preparation)
Now we discovered the Diggers' Song in the website http://www.diggers.org/audio/diggers.rpm 
We could listen to it, but unfortunately we could not load it down. 
Is there someone with an idea how to load it (or any other music connected with the Diggers) down?
Or does someone know where the Diggers' Song and the modern song on the Diggers have been recorded: artists? label? Place where to order it from? In this case we could try to order it. 
Another option: Is there any person able to send a record? Of course, we would pay for it. Postal address: Gernot Lennert, Ernst-Reuter-Str. 38, 55130 Mainz, Germany.
The broadcast is scheduled for Sunday 23rd May but we can use the music afterwards as well because there is the possibility to (re)broadcast via free radios in other cities. 

On the modern day Diggers: Of course, we keep an eye on contemporary Digger activities in order to cover them in our general news broadcasts. 
Good luck to the Digger land grab in East Anglia!

Suggestions, press releases and any other news items can be sent to radio-quer at gmx.net or fax +49-6131-32 85 545

Many thanks in advance and best wishes
Gernot (Radio Quer)

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