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It does seem apparent to me that those in power would not agree to this wonderful concept of giving everyone a home, yet in the bible book of Isaiah such a thing is foretold,in chapter 65. Look it up, do not except my word for it. The question of the ages is, how will this prophesy come about? Christendom has put her hope in the present world system. You know the one that talks long and loud about human rights violations, yet at the same time loves to appropriate billions of dollars for missiles, and the horse of today the f-16 fighter jet. The smart bombs etc. can't afford to provide their poor with medical coverage, or help widows and orphans with an allotment check. Oh no, to much abuse. Har!! Har!! the empirical data shows that the abuse for the most part has come from those entrusted with authority, the perpetuators of this system.    
So, it is doubtfull that the greedy will actually bring about the fullfilment of Isaiah 65. that very prophesy was mentioned by Tom Jode. Who was Stienbecks character in the "Grapes of Wrath". Yes, like him and as the Apostle Paul writes us in his letter to the Romans in the 8th chapter,"that all creation keeps groaning together and being in pain together until now"---- he continues saying that we are awaiting the "revealing of the sons of God". Thus, we must not follow christendoms phony religion, that serves her bedfellows the"kings of the earth" Rev.17

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