[diggers350] The World Turned Upside Down

Roy Hanney royhan at globalnet.co.uk
Sun May 23 00:41:10 BST 1999

A short (23min) film about the English Civil War. Set in the present time
the story is narrated by a historical figure, Gerrard Winstanley, an
important  writer and member of the Diggers movement. The story in the
present ghosts a past struggle against the enclosure of common land through
a series of flashbacks. The film explores how our relationship to land and
ownership has not changed since the Diggers claimed England as a 'common
treasury for all'.


I have posted this information at the suggestion of Tony Gosling and because
I think the film may be of interest to people on this mailing list. I have
put up a small site giving some more info and contact details if anyone is
interested in seeing the film.

With Thanks
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offering only illusory modes of social expression, modes
which seem to promise liberation or self-fulfilment but in
fact end by producing more mediation and alienation"
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