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Dear modern day Diggers,
Radio Quer, the initiative for a local non-commercial radio in Mainz
(Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) and Wiesbaden (Hesse, Germany) will
broadcast temporarily 24 hours per day from 13th to 24th May 1999.
One of our broadcasts is to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the
birth of the Digger movement in 1649. 
There will be an interview with one of the Radio Quer activists who
published a book on the Diggers in 1987. (Gernot Lennert: Die Diggers.
Eine fr├╝hkommunistische Bewegung in der Englischen Revolution.
Trotzdem-Verlag, Grafenau 1987) The book is out of print. A second
improved edition is in preparation. 
What we do not have are music recordings connected with the Diggers. 
On the diggers350 website we found a recording of the Diggers' song and
we will download it to our computer in our just installed studio as soon
as technically possible.
If you know of any other music or recordings connected with the Diggers
of 1649 or 1999 that can be downloaded please let us know:
radio-quer at gmx.net or lennert at mail.uni-mainz.de

For our general news magazines we are interested in news emanating from
social movements from all over the world. 
News, press releases etc can be sent to
radio-quer at gmx.net and to fax no. +49-6131-32 85 393.
We will keep an eye on the diggers350 website.

Background information:
The Medieninitiative Mainz/Wiesbaden Radio Quer (media initiative in
Mainz and Wiesbaden, Radio Quer (quer = athwart, diagonal)) our local
initiative for a free radio will be on air in Mainz from 13th to 24th
Radio Quer will broadcast just temporarily but we are aspiring to a
permanent licence in the future. The law in Rhineland-Palatinate vaguely
allows local radios but there are no detailed rules for licencing yet.
What is legally possible is a so-called "event radio", a radio
accompanying for a few days or weeks an event. A radio initiative that
has shown its broadcasting capability within the framework of an event
radio has better chances for getting a long-term licence as we could
observe in the state of Hesse.
Thus we chose three events to be covered by our radio. But not the
entire programme must be devoted to the events.
The first four days cover the Mainzer Minipressen-Messe, 13th-16 May
(International Book Fair For Small Presses/ Foire internationale du
livre des petis editeurs).
The following four days will be organised around a series of public
meetings organised by the General Students' Committee of Mainz
university under the heading "Politikwechsel?" (change of policy),
investigating whether there has been a change of policy by having a
Red-Green government in Germany.
The last four days on the long Whitsuntide weekend will concentrate on
the Open Ohr Festival, the only surviving major political youth
festival. It came into being in the seventies and is organised by the
city of Mainz and a free project group.
Broadcasts of general interest will be offered to other free radios in
other cities for rebroadcasting.
Radio Quer is an initiative in favour of a non-commercial local radio
aiming at giving a voice to those cultural, political and social groups
and movements that are usually not represented in established public and
commercial radios. 
Many thanks in advance, good luck for the East Anglia Land Grab, best
Gernot Lennert

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