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Sat Oct 9 03:05:14 BST 1999

i just go this email:
From: Maria Organ <a
href="mailto:marias at telusplanet.net">marias at telusplanet.net </a>
To: "tribalvoices at geocities.com" tribalvoices at geocities.com
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Subject: John Pendragon
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 1999 23:06:52 -0600
I sent a message about my late father John Pendragon to you back in
July, I received one brief reply from George Dice, but since then nobody
has replied to me at all with any more information about my dad. I would
dearly like for you to reply to the messages that I sent.
Best Wishes
Maria Louise Organ
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

is a john pendragon webpage
please send more text, pics, links,
stuff by or inspired by john

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