[diggers350] Leonard Peltier-a martyr

Valerie Niederhoffer vhoffer at ix.netcom.com
Sun Oct 10 00:42:09 BST 1999

CNN will have a special on Leonard Peltier  at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time and then again at midnite EST. tomorrow (today being October 9).
 Leonard Peltier is an Ogalala Sioux who was charged and convicted of the murder of 2 FBI agents during the troubles at Pine Ridge in the sixties.  He was involved with AIM which was trying to achieve sovereignty for the Sioux, and defend the Sacred Black Hills from mining, among other issues.  The story  of his frame up by the US Government is strange and shocking. Now, 30 years later, they still refuse to let him go. His supporters have been trying to get him freed for a long time. There have been attempts on his life while in jail and now he has a serious jaw infection and is fearful of having the operation he needs performed by the prison doctors.The US prison  people will not allow him to be treated at the Mayo Clinic. 
The CNN report should be of interest to those who are concerned with land rights for native peoples and justice.

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