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Mon Sep 13 21:01:58 BST 1999

Dear Alex,

You wrote:
> erm... i didnt agree with him either but arent you taking this a bit personally? hes entitled to his opinion surely.just cos he wasnt particularly tactful or articulate about it doesnt mean there cant be dissent for goodness sake.

This list is a round table. No-one sits in judgement, deciding whose posts are worthy and whose are not. If anyone does, the round table is broken.

I have no problem making contributions because I am immune to the embarassment of looking like an arse in front of everybody. Other people, especially shy people or people with a low opinion of themselves, might be afraid to make a contribution if people are regularly flamed, because people set themselves up as the judges of who belongs here and who doesn't.

I want to know about what people are doing in the name of land rights. I welcome all contributions which report workshops and events and also any ideas about how we can set people free from the slavery of land ownership. I do not want self-rightous little characters boring me with their opinions which are intended to frighten away contributions. Let them send their complaints directly to the authors of the messages they disagree with.

I am not some hyper-liberal ninny saying "everybody's special". I am saying that a round table includes all shades of dross and if you don't know how to use your delete key you can always sign off the list.


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