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Thu Sep 23 01:11:26 BST 1999

We love you all but please take us off your mailing list. We get well over
100 emails each day.


>     Diggers350   It is late at night , I am in no mood to dispense wisdom
>but I  must reply immediately, it is my hope this email proves too tedious
>to reply to,  (that is after all how it was spawned !).  This list is a
>machine, not a round table.    The internet is not a place ergo we cannot
>decide whether or  not someone should be here.We should care more for the
>perspectives of those not  on the net .   I suggest the last few messages
>go some way to proving there  is no such thing as a right to freedom of
>speech because we are all conditioned  to misunderstand one another in
>this electronic \legal \political  environment.    To delete or not to
>delete that is the question.   And Stephen, you will lose your immunity to
>embarrassment by  losing focus of your friends.    Or something like that.
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