[diggers350] Will Colonial Powers Stop Zimbabwe Reforms?

diynet at free.polbox.pl diynet at free.polbox.pl
Fri Apr 7 21:41:50 BST 2000

> >From the BBC site - which contains some fantastic pictures of the
> courageous squatters - but the overall tone is still colonial and seems to
> be Foreign Office driven.  What can we do for the squatters???  I tried to
> get through to (Movement for Democratic Change) website linked from the BBC
> site but the server was down.
> Any thoughts on lobbying for the squatters from here in the UK???????  
> Tony

Having been a squatter a lot of my life, normally Id be sypathetic.
However I never found my squats in any way supported by the government
and if I had done, I would have felt very uncomfortable. One always
expects news via the BBC to be slanted in some way towards the
official position however I havnt as yet seen any reason to disagree
with the view that these bands of "veterans" are being manipulated
by Mugabes government which is desperate to stay in power. If you
know of any contrary view perhaps you could state it. At the moment
its just looking like an attempt to exploit racial hatred, not
an attempt to redistribute land.


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