[diggers350] Will Colonial Powers Stop Zimbabwe Reforms?

JohnKateGB at aol.com JohnKateGB at aol.com
Sun Apr 9 19:22:13 BST 2000

In a message dated 8/4/2000 2:35:07 pm, diynet at free.polbox.pl wrote:

<<Having been a squatter a lot of my life, normally Id be sypathetic.
However I never found my squats in any way supported by the government
and if I had done, I would have felt very uncomfortable. One always
expects news via the BBC to be slanted in some way towards the
official position however I havnt as yet seen any reason to disagree
with the view that these bands of "veterans" are being manipulated
by Mugabes government which is desperate to stay in power. If you
know of any contrary view perhaps you could state it. At the moment
its just looking like an attempt to exploit racial hatred, not
an attempt to redistribute land.


Dear Ian,

The whole conflict in Central Africa is based around those who wish to 
maintain imperialism's grasp on the region.  Mobuto's overthrow in Zaire has 
led to a new hope for the people of the whole region and the slurs and then 
open warfare waged against the new Kabila government there by the American 
proxy states of Rwanda and Uganda was designed to draw in the surrounding 
countries and prevent progress.  THAT is why the BBC and british and american 
governments are attacking the land reform movement in Zimbabwe.  That is why 
we have heard talk of civil war.  Who do you think finances the Movement for 
Democratic Change?? if not the CIA and the British Secret Service.  Why is 
Peter (I will do and say anything to weild power) Hain rattling sabres at 

The issue of who controls the land IS important in Zimbabwe, whether or not 
it is being farmed efficiently by whatever colour people.  Those demanding a 
fair share of land must have our support, or what is this movement??


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